Coronation Street

Thursday 11 September, 7.30pm

With Ryan a mess following the revelations about Paul, Michelle tells Carla she needs to get away from all the reminders in Weatherfield. Deciding to go back to Ireland, she breaks the news to Steve. As she leaves for the airport, Michelle tells him she’s no longer sure what she wants. Asking if he’s dumped, Michelle says it’s not all about him and awkwardly kisses him goodbye.
As the Peacocks prepare to go and stay with Claire’s mum, Casey arrives to talk. Left alone with the woman she thought was responsible for the fire, Claire’s all over the place, but when Casey claims she understands her wanting someone to blame and stresses there’s still hope, Claire is strangely comforted. Casey promises to be there for them when they return.
With the money in her account, Leanne wants to talk business with Carla. But having gone back to the flat, Carla’s low, and Leanne couldn’t pick a worse time.
Elsewhere, Janice and Roger pick up where they left off; Gail forces Audrey to give David a job at the salon; the factory girls take advantage of Hayley; and Blanche’s wake gets underway.

Thursday 4 September, 7pm

As Claire tries to remain positive about clearing her name and finding Casey, it’s clear Ashley is starting to have doubts and wonders if Casey ever existed. But the Peacocks get a boost when they send their car in for a service and Tyrone finds a disposable camera inside. Getting the film developed, Claire’s struck by what’s on the camera, and as she hurriedly sorts through the pictures, she finds what she’s looking for – a photo of Casey. Later, using the photo, the police start a press appeal to find Casey, and Ashley apologises to Claire.
Les can’t bring himself to forgive Leanne. Leanne tells Janice it’s time to take back control of her life and she wants to start by putting things right with Les. But Les can’t forgive her and it’s a tough day for Leanne as she has to face what she’s lost.
Elsewhere, Eileen psyches herself up for her date; Jason is forced to persuade Bill to take David back; and the Connors return to the street.

Tuesday 2 September, 7pm

Discovering it was Sophie who vandalised her scooter, Fiz realises she owes Kirk an apology. Kirk’s bitter assuming she’s dazzled by an intelligent guy with a bit of cash, but when Fiz reveals he was her first love who she never really got over, Kirk is gutted.
Jason sets about his task of befriending David as he starts work at the yard. But when he makes a crack about Amber, David retorts saying the reason he’s finding life so hard is that he’s gay.
Elsewhere, Claire is growing increasingly jumpy and thinks there is danger lurking everywhere; Jerry attempts to woo Eileen with flowers but gets cold feet; and Eileen meets her flirty caller.

Tuesday and Thursday, 7.30pm

Claire’s world goes up in flames this week on Coronation Street.

After weeks of battling the rowdy Mortons, Claire finally snaps when she gets no sleep, thanks to the loud music coming from Darryl’s shed.
When the partying continues into the day – despite her threats of involving the council – she barges into the shed and, in front of Darryl, David and Rosie, unplugs the sound system and starts to carry out what she can.

Julia Haworth, who plays Claire, says her character has had a lot on her plate over the last couple of months. “She has been having treatment for post-natal depression and she’s been on anti-depressants. She was just hanging on but the disturbance next door from the Mortons’ has been going on for weeks, she has two kids and has just had enough. When she goes next door and takes the stereo, even though it’s a complete over-reaction, to her being tired as she is, it’s completely normal.”

Witnessing the ordeal, Jerry claims she’s over-reacting but Claire replies she’s only just started and if the Mortons don’t get rid of the shed she’ll burn it to the ground – words that she will soon come to regret.

Later, with Ashley taking Josh away overnight, Claire is woken up by a smoke detector. Panic-stricken, she jumps out of bed to see smoke pouring from Freddie’s door. Desperate to get to him, she wrenches the door open but a fire’s raging inside.

Haworth says that Claire’s maternal instincts kick in despite her exhaustion. “She tries to rescue Freddie, as you would, falls down the stairs, knocks herself unconscious, comes to and tries again to rescue him, but the fire and smoke is too much and she is out again.”

Meanwhile, Roy calls the fire brigade from the street as the blaze rages out of control. As a crowd gathers, Jamie and Kirk kick the Peacocks’ door down and drag Claire from the house. With Claire safe, Jamie goes back into the house with Roy and Jerry to try and rescue Freddie. The firefighters then arrive and put out the blaze, but will they reach Freddie in time?

The whole street is in shock as Claire is taken to hospital and the neighbours desperately try to contact Ashley.

Naturally, Claire is devastated when she wakes up in hospital. “She wakes up in hospital, the house is burnt to the ground, so she presumes the worst. She is absolutely grief-stricken, you can’t even explain how she is feeling.”

Will Freddie survive the blaze? Find out this week on Coronation Street, Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on TV ONE.

Tuesday 10 June, 7.30pm

Leanne must choose between cash and romance this week on Coronation Street.

Leanne (Jane Danson) is taken down a peg or two this week when she’s thrown out of a posh hotel while waiting for a client. The manager tells her to hightail it or he’ll have her arrested for soliciting. But she’s not the only one having a bad time. Back on the street, she finds Liam (Rob James Collier) drowning his sorrows as he struggles to deal with the lies he’s told over Madga’s death. The pair put their troubles aside by flirting with each other and Leanne invites him back to her place.
When Janice (Vicky Entwistle) spots Liam leaving in the morning, she is quick to pounce – wanting to know if Liam is Leanne’s boyfriend and, if so, how she can continue with the escorting. Leanne’s torn, she really likes Liam but is reluctant to give up the lifestyle her job has afforded her. Knowing she can’t mix business with pleasure, Leanne is forced into making a difficult decision. Will her heart or her wallet win out?

Jane Danson says despite Leanne’s caustic exterior, she really does have feelings for Corrie’s latest looker. “Obviously she fancies him; he’s a very good looking boy. I think he has got a bit of a twinkle in his eye; he is almost a male equivalent to Leanne. He likes the cheeky banter between the pair, they bounce off each other. She enjoys the thrill of the chase with Liam, it’s all a bit of game for both of them. I think they can both give as good as they get.”

But the course of true love never runs smoothly on the Street. Particularly not for Leanne. “The whole ‘job’ situation with Leanne at the moment is getting in the way, her head is ruling her heart at the moment,” says Danson. “She is ignoring what her heart is telling her, she is just thinking, ‘I will do my work (as an escort ) and earn my money and I can’t get involved with him,’ even though her heart strings are being pulled and she does find him very sexy.”

Danson believes Leanne would be devastated if Liam found out the truth about her employment. “Leanne would be gutted. It would be another relationship that had failed and like 90 percent of Leanne’s failed romances, it would be her own fault. She would have messed up again.”

Tuesday 20 May, 7.30pm

Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow has managed to get away with a lot during her time on the Street. She bedded her grandmother’s boyfriend in an effort to find a sugar-daddy; drugged Roy Cropper and then tried to sell him her baby; and picked a fight with Karen on her wedding day. But will she be able to get away with murder?

Will the jury buy Tracy’s story that she was a victim of Charlie’s abuse or will they see through her BAFTA-winning performance? Find out as the jury deliver their verdict tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE.
Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, says her character isn’t confident about the result of the trial any more. “Tracy’s world is falling apart. No matter how bad things have been in the past she’s always got away with it, but now it looks like it might be catching her up and she’s scared. She’s worried that her mum might have screwed things up for her.”

Ford says the trial has already done irreparable damage to the Barlow family. “Tracy is Deirdre’s daughter and that’s a very strong bond but whether Deirdre can continue to support Tracy knowing she’s a cold-blooded killer, I don’t know. Ken’s certainly struggling, he’s already told her she’s not his daughter, she’s Ray Langton’s. Her confession devastates them both and it also puts a big strain on their marriage.”

Despite her current predicament, Ford doesn’t believe that Tracy feels any real remorse about killing Charlie. “She doesn’t feel remorseful at all; what she’s worried about is the trial not going her way and getting sent down, not about what she’s done. She always thought she would get away with it, but suddenly things are starting to look bad for her.”

Even though Tracy’s not sorry for her crime, Ford can’t decide whether she’d like to see her put behind bars. “She’s blatantly guilty, she murdered him in cold blood, she’s done something terrible and she needs to pay. But on the other hand I feel very loyal to Tracy, so I’d like to see her get off.”

Charlie (Bill Ward) lies in intensive care tonight on Coronation Street with Jason keeping a bedside vigil for his seriously injured boss.

The doctors don’t seem hopeful that Charlie will pull through; but Jason (Ryan Thomas) remains optimistic and stays at Charlie’s bedside in the hope that he might wake up.
Meanwhile, Tracy (Kate Ford) has been let out on bail following a grilling by detectives about her so-called self-defence claims. She is terrified that Charlie will recover from his appalling injuries and then tell the police what really happened. She even ignores her bail conditions and sneaks a visit to the hospital where she tells an unconscious Charlie that she hopes he dies soon.

Kate Ford says: “When Tracy finds out that Charlie hasn’t died straight away, she is terrified that he might actually wake up and tell the cops the truth. She planned to kill him so knowing he is still alive puts her into a panic.

“She orders Deirdre to take her to the hospital where she wishes her cheating boyfriend would hurry up and die. It’s a really worrying time for Tracy as she is desperate to cover her tracks and not be charged with murder.”

“As far as she’s concerned, Charlie was trying to kill her and that’s what she has told everybody. But if Charlie comes to and tells the truth, Tracy will almost certainly be done for attempted murder.”

Will Charlie wake up and spill the beans about twisted Tracy? Or will he die and let Tracy get away with murder?

If you missed Tracy’s attack on Charlie last week, you can catch up on the drama with the Coronation Street Omnibus, which starts on Saturday 9 February. The Omnibus will be a repeat of the previous week’s episodes and will screen at midday each Saturday.

Tuesday 12 February, 7.30pm on TV1

Coronation Street
Thursday 7 February, 7.30pm

Bad boy Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) finally get his comeuppance in Coronation Street when he makes the grave mistake of trying to finish his turbulent relationship with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) once and for all.

Since Toxic Tracy found out lothario Charlie cheated on her with Maria (Samia Smith) and Shelley (Sally Lindsay), she has been secretly hell-bent on revenge.
Over the past few months, Tracy has managed to convince her friends and family that Charlie has been abusing her, so she could then kill him and claim self defence. Tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE, Tracy finally plucks up the courage to follow through her dastardly plan.

The trouble starts when Charlie returns triumphant from court after getting a slapped wrist for beating up her brother Peter (Chris Gascoyne). He decides that his lover needs to pack her bags and leave number six for good.

But Tracy tries to seduce him with a raunchy lap dance and as his guard is dropped, she suddenly turns round and launches at him with a heavy metal statue. (In order to protect actor Bill Ward from the ferocity of the blow to the head, four foam replica statues were used and stunt coordinators on stand by during the recording of the episodes.)

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, promises it’s a fitting end for the Street’s resident love rat. “Charlie has had this smug attitude that he can do whatever he wants and it has just driven Tracy insane.

“He lives by the sword and dies by the sword. I don’t think there is a man Tracy’s met who is going to get the better of her. She hates what he has turned her into and wants him to die after he continually cheated on her.”

Bill Ward says: “Charlie has long suspected that Tracy was concocting something evil, and when she reveals her wicked plans he challenges her to go through with it.

“He doesn’t believe she would actually go through with it for a second, so when Tracy goes for him it’s a complete shock. She attacks him with such ferocity that he doesn’t stand a chance.”

But has Tracy actually finished Charlie off? Find out tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE.

Coronation Street Pantomime
Tuesday 25 December, 3.10pm

Coronation Street fans are in for a festive treat this Christmas as they see their much loved Weatherfield residents as never before. Actors from the show will star as classic pantomime characters, as they combine a selection of favourite pantomimes, rolled into an hour-long special fairytale, today at 3.10pm on TV ONE.

Forlorn Frankie Baldwin (Debra Stephenson) will take the lead as Cinderella, with estranged husband Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh) starring as her dashing Prince Charming. Other characters include, Buttons (Rupert Hill); The Ugly Sisters (Malcolm Hebden, David Neilson); Baron Hardup (William Tarmey); Widow Twankey (Maggie Jones); Fairy Godmother (Susie Blake); The Demon King (Bruce Jones); and Aladdin (Antony Cotton). Fans will also see a few familiar faces return to Weatherfield for this special one-off, including a spooky ghost from Christmas past.

Coronation Street Tuesday 4 December, 7.30pm

Coronation Street fans get an extra hour of their favourite soap as TV ONE starts its summer Coro Catch-Up season. Starting this week, Coronation Street will screen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm.

Tonight on Coronation Street, Tracy is adamant it’s Charlie who should move out, so she is stunned when she finds her bags piled outside. He’s changed the locks as well and with Charlie nowhere insight, an embarrassed Tracy is forced to return home to the Barlows. Deirdre takes Tracy to the pub, but it’s a tough night with all eyes on her. As they leave, Tracy is horrified to see Charlie getting out of a cab with an attractive blonde in tow. It’s a final stinging humiliation for a crushed Tracy.
In the morning a different Tracy emerges from the night before and with her fight returned, she goes to talk to Charlie. As Charlie orders the other woman to leave, Tracy tells him she wants to move back in. He wonders if she’s playing a game, but Tracy asserts she loves him and can’t live without him. Charlie is dumbfounded but welcomes her back.

Bill Ward (Charlie Stubbs) says Charlie knows something is up when Tracy comes back so easily. He was “completely gutted” when Tracy dumped him: “Up ’til then he was playing the field and just enjoying himself at the expense of all women. But he does love Tracy, and in a funny way, Maria, so he’s been trying to run them side by side. When Tracy finds out, he’s forced to choose. He gets pretty upset because all of a sudden he can see the best thing that’s ever happened to him walking out of the door.

He says, “Charlie only thinks of things while he’s doing them, he doesn’t think of the effects of what will happen afterwards and it’s only when he gets caught out that he sees what he’s done to Tracy. All of a sudden he sees and feels terribly guilty and about it. In many ways Tracy is his perfect match, and all of a sudden he realises that he’s blown it.

“He tries to get her back but it’s very much a war of attrition. She attempts to kick him out of his own house and clearly he’s not having it so he shoves her out, changes the locks and brings home another woman. But eventually she comes back.”

But Charlie is suspicious when Tracy comes back too easily: “He suspects she’s got a hidden agenda of some kind, but he’s just not quite sure what it is. In the Rovers he says ‘this is too easy, you’re waiting to get your revenge aren’t you, for that moment when I’m least suspecting it’. So he knows something’s coming, he’s just not sure what it is.”

As for Maria, Charlie takes revenge on her by kicking her out of his flat and leaving her homeless. “She’s been the cause of an awful lot of trouble in his life, so he retaliates and that’s what Charlie does. To be fair to him, he does feel a vague pang of guilt.

“Whether he would ever admit it, I think he has probably shed a few tears over it in the privacy of his own home. I don’t think he’s very proud of his behaviour this time but the way he comes out fighting and pretends nothing’s happened. He apologises one day, then he’s back on the offensive the next,” Ward says.

Elsewhere on Coronation Street tonight, the Platt family are reluctant to see the mediator at first, but as the session goes on, Gail is shellshocked; Frankie talks up the idea of moving to Spain as she tries to cut an increasingly desperate Jamie out of her life; Cilla and Yana discuss their desire for plastic surgery; and Sally and Molly are far from happy when they discover Bill took the men to a lap-dancing club.