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Coronation Street Tuesday 16 October, 7.30pm

Actor Sally Lindsay has not closed the door on Coronation Street and her beloved character Shelley Unwin (tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE). Returning to be bridesmaid at her mother Bev’s wedding to Fred Elliott, residents of Weatherfield discovered Shelley is pregnant with Charlie Stubbs’ baby.

Lindsay says Shelley enjoys catching up with friends and family but is really happy to be living away in the Peak district, enjoying her new life in the pub. Although her mother is horrified to discover the pregnancy, Shelley feels it is the only positive thing to come out of her life after two years of hell, and she isn’t bothered by who the father is. “She doesn’t want the father to know and wants to bring the baby up on her own. It is a very wanted baby, even though Charlie is the father.”
“Shelley will be an amazing mum. I think she will be extremely organised and very caring, and I am sure she will dote on her little boy or girl,” she says.

When Tracy discovers the pregnancy, she is convinced Shelley will try and manipulate Charlie, like Tracy did with Steve. “She thinks Shelley is after Charlie for his money, or to get back with him, but she honestly isn’t. She doesn’t care about Charlie. Tracy tars Shelley with her own brush.”

But Shelley isn’t scared of Tracy: “She just thinks she is a sad manipulative cow, and she has never been any respect for her. They are poles apart.”

On tonight’s episode, Tracy demands that Charlie get Shelley to abort the baby, and Shelley just wants to get far away from Weatherfield and from all the commotion, Lindsay says.

“She runs out of the backyard of the pub to get a cab, but Charlie comes to find her in the back and pins her against the wall. He looks at one point as though he is going to smack her, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t expect her to react so coolly and she stands up to him. It’s really empowering for Shelley.”

Lindsay says it’s nice to be able to come back to Coronation Street. “I have never closed that door and I love the character of Shelley. Who knows what might happen in the future. She might be back with a baby in tow!”

Coronation St
Thursday 16 August, 7.30pm

If ‘Coronation Street’ actor Ryan Thomas could give advice to his character, Jason, he would tell him to stop taking life so seriously: “He needs to have a bit of fun. Like my dad says to me, ‘life is only a game’.”

Tonight’s episode of ‘Coronation Street’ (at 7.30pm on TV ONE) sees Jason and Sarah heading towards their wedding day. Thomas, who enjoyed being the centre of attention while filming the wedding episodes, says Jason is far too confident and cocky to have any doubts but has mixed feelings about the speed at which it is happening.
Having arranged everything very quickly, Jason has had little time to really think about what is going on. “He’s excited and nervous about it all at the same time.

“Jason sees everything in black and white – there are no grey areas for him. He has pushed the wedding forward to show Sarah that he loves her. He’s proving a point so that he does not lose her. In Jason’s mind it was either marry her quickly or lose her forever.

“Jason is not the smartest kid on the block. When Sarah called off the engagement and ended their relationship he panicked and hastily arranged the ceremony. He really has not considered the seriousness of the situation.”

Thomas believes that Jason and Sarah are good together but whether they are meant to be is a difficult question to answer. He says Jason truly loves Sarah but their relationship is very fiery. “They are constantly clashing but Jason does enjoy the making up…”

In tonight’s episode of ‘Coronation Street’, it’s Jason and Sarah’s big day. The wedding is looming and although Gail wants to help her stressed-out daughter, she doesn’t. Fiz, Audrey and Maria come to the rescue – Fiz helps Sarah into her dress, while Audrey and Maria do her hair and makeup. Sarah is still sad that neither mother agrees with the wedding. Audrey seeks Gail out and begs her to come but, despite Audrey’s best efforts, Gail won’t budge. When the time comes for the wedding party to leave, Gail and Eileen watch their children go without them.

Elsewhere, it is obvious that Charlie and Maria are starting to fancy each other; Sally doesn’t want Rosie visiting Craig in a squat so tries to find a solution for him; Michelle arrives for her trial at the pub and makes a great impact on the regulars, although Liz is less than impressed; and Danny refuses to rise to Adam’s baiting.

Today is international day against homophobia. I fitting day to read this article about the gay origins of Coro. I am old enough to remember the early days of Coro on NZ TV. I loved Elsie Tanner & now it’s revealed she was given a lot of lines that were things daid by gay me.

‘Coro St’ creator suffered ‘60s homophobia

The gay creator of Coronation Street has spoken out about homophobia at TV studios in the early days of the popular soap.

Tony Warren told an audience in Manchester that he came out before decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967 and suffered abuse from other staff at Granada studios.

He also revealed that the gay voices he heard on the streets made their way into the sharp-tounged female dialogue for which the soap is famed.

Speaking at a debate about whether Corrie is now the ‘queerest soap of them all’, Warren described the prejudice he had to put up with.

“On one occasion I sat there and listened and listened until I got to my feet and said, “I have sat here and listened to three poof jokes, an actor described as a poof, a storyline described as too poofy, and I would just like to remind you that without a poof you wouldn’t be in work.”

“One of them said, “but Tony, we didn’t mean you.”

“I said. “You call my brothers, you call me”.”

From then on he said: “I never pretended to anyone that I was anything other than what I am,” he said, according to the Manchester Evening News.

When the show first began in 1960 it would have been unthinkable to have a gay character.

This didn’t prevent Warren putting language heard in Manchester’s gay village into the mouths of characters such as Elsie Tanner.

He said: “The gay village is not new. I’d known all these queens in the village.

“Some of them were sensational. I remember giving Elsie lines they would say.

“When you think of some of the things she came out with, how many straight women have you heard say that?”

When asked if Corrie is now the queerest soap of them all, Warren said: “Maybe now, yes. But we lagged disgracefully behind for a long time.

“But now, we’re hopefully queer enough,” he remarked, according to the Manchester Evening News.

In spite of a massive gay fan base the soap was well behind many other British soaps in presenting gay or lesbian characters on-screen until 2003 when Todd Grimshaw finally kissed Nick Tilsley, played by Adam Rickitt, who’s currently in New Zealand and appearing on Shortland Street.

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Coronation Street Tuesday 22 May, 7.30pm

When Emma Stansfield’s character Ronnie returned to ‘Coronation Street’, it was under a cloud of darkness with a broken heart (tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE). After a rosy few months between Ronnie and Steve, it looks like Ronnie’s world is again falling apart. Following the hit and run, and unaware of Steve’s infidelity, Ronnie is struggling to keep it together and everywhere she goes, she can’t seem to escape people talking about the accident.

Stansfield, who loves being part of the ‘Coronation Street’ cast, says when Ronnie realises she’s hit the pensioner she panics. “She gets out of the car and checks to see if he’s alive or dead. There is a moment when she’s not quite sure what to do and then she makes the decision to drive away.
“It’s difficult to humanise what she does, but she thinks no-one else saw what she did and she can drive away with no-one knowing it was her. She’s pretty shaken but she thinks she’s got away with it.”

The next day Ronnie is completely shocked; she’s feeling guilty and in turmoil but she tries to forget it ever happened and put it out of her mind, Stansfield explains. “She just thinks that if she can get back together with Steve then everything will be alright and life will go back to normal. But slowly as the days go on, little things occur, like the dent in the car being bigger than she thought and she panics.”

When the Police start sniffing around Streetcars, believing there is a link to the hit and run, Ronnie tries to get Steve to take the rap for the speeding ticket. Stansfield says although Ronnie loves Steve, she is looking out for number one. “At the end of the day Ronnie is an incredibly selfish character. She does things without thinking them through properly, and then feels the guilt and the upset afterwards.”

Stansfield is enthused by the turn of events for her character. “It’s always exciting when you have something meaty to get your teeth into and the emotions Ronnie feels are always good fun to play. Also, the lies and the deceit have been great to play; they’ve unravelled and she’s been saying one thing to one character and something different to another. It’s been brilliant.”

Ronnie continues to lie, digging herself deeper and deeper in the mire all the time, Stansfield says. “She’s trying to keep up with all her lies and they’re spiralling out of control. I think there’s a constant panic going on inside her as to where it’s all going to end.”

This week on ‘Coronation Street’, Ronnie is feeling the pressure of hiding the hit and run as she tries to behave normally with Steve. When Streetcars receives a speeding fine for the cab Ronnie was driving when she killed the man, she confesses she was driving the speeding car but asks Steve to take the rap – she already has points and might lose her licence!

Feeling guilty about his dalliance with Kelly, Steve eventually agrees to take the rap for the speeding ticket. Later, the police arrive to discuss the speeding ticket and ask to have a look at the car. Steve agrees, sure that no one has had an accident. But when the police find a bump on the car they impound it for forensic testing. A worried Steve quizzes Ronnie, who looks him in the eye and denies having anything to do with the hit and run.

Wednesday 25 April 2.00pm,

Coronation Street stars reveal their musical talents, features performers such as Richard Fleeshman (Craig Harris), Andrew Whyment (Kirk Sutherland) and Wendi Peters (Cilla Battersby-Brown) – plus a special tribute to Johnny Briggs.


Coronation Street stars reveal their musical talents, featuring performers such as Richard Fleeshman (Craig Harris), Andrew Whyment (Kirk Sutherland) and Wendi Peters (Cilla Battersby-Brown) � plus a special tribute to Johnny Briggs, who played Mike Baldwin on the show until the character’s recent demise.

“After 31 years it was goodbye Mike Baldwin. Fans were left in a state of mourning last night as Coronation Street’s resident philanderer exited the British soap. Played by actor Johnny Briggs, Baldwin first appeared on the show in 1976.”

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Coronation St
Thursday 15 February, 7.30pm

Back from holiday, Tracy sets her pregnancy scam in motion leaving a pregnancy test box lying around for Charlie to discover. Is toxic Tracy pregnant?
Mike arrives at Underworld, after forgetting that he is no longer hands-on and is struggling to open the door. Mike’s paranoia kicks in and he accuses Danny of trying to steal the factory from him.

An ‘apparently’ devastated Tracy despairs as she didn’t want Charlie to find out like this. She tells him she is pregnant and Charlie is furious. After a twisted heart to heart he asks her to have a termination as neither of them are ready to have a child.

Back in the Rovers, Violet takes Jason to one side and asks why he is ignoring her. Sarah sees this and flies at him showing herself up to the other drinkers including her grandmother who is horrified by her behaviour.

Coronation St
Wednesday 14 February, 7.30pm

The factory staff are shocked at the state of Mike and Danny. The doctor calls and needs to see Mike about his test results. Both Jamie and Danny go with him as the doctor confirms the news they all knew – Mike has Alzheimer’s and the stroke has exacerbated the pre-existing symptoms.
Claire has a scare and needs to go to the hospital. This brings Ashley to his senses as he realises he could have lost her and the baby. His response to the situation is that they need to disappear – get away from Weatherfield so that Matt can’t find them or Josh again. Claire is reluctantly won round.

Later at Josh’s birthday party, Fred struggles to come to terms with the news that Ashley and Claire are leaving Weatherfield. Towards the end of the party the doorbell goes and Ashley is stunned to see Matt and Sylvia present in hand. Matt announces he has come to take his son home. Fred begs Matt to think of Josh’s welfare and convinces him to leave but Matt makes it clear it is not the end of it by a long shot.

Kirk tells Maria his bank loan’s been rejected. Later Maria asks Tyrone for half of their wedding fund and to sell the engagement ring. Tyrone knows he put a lot more into the fund than Maria but promises to think about it. Molly persuades him to stand up to her and she goes to the salon where she accuses Maria of stamping on Tyrone’s good nature.

Coronation St
Tuesday 13 February, 7.30pm

Ashley arrives home and is furious to find Matt playing with Josh in the house. He throws Matt and Sylvia out and reduces Claire to tears with his hurtful comments.
After Audrey discusses her plans to sell the salon, Rita suggests to Maria that she might like to buy it and Maria likes the idea.

Mike and Danny go to the solicitors and for the duration of the meeting Mike is his old self as he signs over power of attorney to Danny. Afterwards though Danny is riddled with guilt – he has finally got what he wanted but under the circumstances it is a hollow victory.

Maria tells Fiz and Kirk that she wants to sell her share of the kennels to Kirk to raise the cash to buy the salon.