Coronation Street

Thursday 8 February, 7.30pm

Jamie arrives back with Mike and everyone is shocked at his appearance; he’s unshaven, his dress dishevelled and unkempt and most of all he looks extremely frail. He doesn’t recognise Penny and his friends on the street but Mike recognises Danny and asks him to take him home.

Ed comes round to see Eileen and she lays her cards on the table telling him how much she cares for him but he explains he can’t stay around because of what it would do to Emily and he regrets sleeping with Eileen. Furious Eileen throws him out onto the street and has a go at passing Emily about her faith and how it hurts other people.

All Mike’s friends rally round as they try to come to terms with the fact that he probably has Alzheimer’s. Deirdre is devastated when he wakes up and doesn’t remember her.

Matt’s wife comes to the house and begs Claire to let her explain why Matt wants to see Josh. They have just been told they can’t have children of their own and Claire finds herself agreeing to the briefest visit from Matt. Sylvia gets him and he comes to the house with a present, leading Claire to conclude that they knew she would let them in and she feels duped.

Wednesday 7 February, 7.30pm

Ashley turns his rage on Claire. He makes it clear to Matt that Joshua will not see him until he is 16 and can make his own mind up. Matt rages that he has rights as Josh’s natural father.

Cilla starts to soften towards Les as she realises life is not the same with him not around. She tells Les he has to crawl over the cobbles to beg forgiveness. Desperate Les is willing to do anything and Cilla lets him back in the house- he is forgiven but she has not forgotten – not by a long shot.

Emily finds the strength to forgive Ed but she needs him to go away and she wants a Christmas card every year with a photo of him so she knows he hasn’t done anything stupid.

Jamie gets a call from the Spanish consulate which sends him running- Mike is ill in hospital. Jamie books a flight immediately to go and collect Mike.

Claire’s left in the cold as Ashley fumes. Fred and Ashley bond over the Matt situation whilst Claire is still trying to see both sides and is left out in the cold for her efforts.

Gail gets a card from Hillman on the anniversary of his death.

Tuesday 6 February, 7.30pm

Cilla stands firm in her rejection of Les. She throws all his clothes out of the window, while Danny tells him he can no longer stay at the flat, leaving Les only his cab to live in. Steve tells him if he is living in his cab he can’t carry passengers – jobless and homeless, Les is left bereft.

Ashley is stunned when he arrives to pick Josh up from nursery in place of Claire, and bumps into Matt – he ushers Josh away convinced Matt has come to snatch him. Later Ashley arrives home totally freaked by seeing Matt. Claire recognises the description as the man she has been talking to and tells Ashley who totally flips. Claire convinces him the best thing to do is to meet with Matt.

Kevin battles to keep his family together. Kevin convinces Rosie to tell her mum a white lie that she has stopped seeing Craig.

Former Coronation street actor Adam Rickitt has arrived in New Zealand and is already practicing lines for his new character in Shortland Street. Producers are not giving anything away about the role but rumour has it that his bedside manner will cause female viewers to swoon…

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Thursday 1 February, 7.30pm

Janice realises she has hit an all time low when Les tells her that he can keep both her and Cilla happy. With no job and no friends to speak of she heads to the pub to get drunk and looks back over her time in Weatherfield bitterly. As she prepares to leave she decides to tell everyone in the pub what she thinks of them and spills secrets on all of them one by one including telling Cilla about her and Les last night….

Rosie and Craig start to drive Sally to the edge. Sally shocks Rosie with a prospectus for a remote private girl’s school which she says she will send her to if she doesn’t stop seeing Craig.

Les is out on his ear after Cilla found out about him and Janice so Leanne gave him a bed for the night. Danny is less than impressed with his new lodger. Meanwhile Cilla refuses to forgive Les and tells Yana she wants a divorce.

Elsewhere on the street, Leanne realises Danny still loves Frankie; Matt approaches Claire again at the nursery and plays with Joshua.

Wednesday 31 January, 7.30pm

Frankie and Danny confront divorce, when their Decree Nisi in the post. Both know they still love each other.

Worried Jamie calls the Spanish police about Mike but when they tell him he reported his phone stolen the Baldwins fears are allayed. Later Frankie opens up to Penny about her feelings for Nathan.
When Charlie says he doesn’t want to go on holiday Tracy spins a yarn about going with a friend. Jealous Charlie soon changes his tune and it’s not long before the tickets are booked. Tracy has Charlie just where she wants him – for now.

Les tells Janice he is sorry to hear that she’s having trouble at the factory. They head back to Les’s because no one is at home and they end up kissing drunkenly.

Tracy says goodbye to Amy as she prepares to head off on hols with Charlie back at Charlie’s she confesses that she feels guilty and is worried that Charlie will never want Amy to be part of their relationship. Charlie assures her he does but that he wants this holiday to be just about them. Tracy is reassured.

Tuesday 30 January, 7.30pm

Ashley gets a letter from Dr Matt Ramsden. It says he’s re-married and while he doesn’t want to challenge Ashley’s position as Joshua’s father he would like a photo and to know how he’s doing. Fred urges him to throw the letter in the bin.

Rosie’s back from her skiing trip and can’t wait to see Craig. But Sally tells her he’s got a new girlfriend. Craig argues he’s just been working with her on a school project but the Websters stir things and she dumps him. Will Craig be able to win Rosie back round?
Penny tells Danny she’s worried about Mike who hasn’t returned her calls. But when Danny bluntly tells her she should accept their relationship is over she turns to Frankie. She too is worried and accuses Danny of becoming heartless like Leanne.

Tracy persuades Charlie to go on holiday. She agrees to leave Amy again.

Thursday 25 January, 7.30pm on One

Fred and Bev get engaged, Deirdre is suspended.

Ed makes an unwelcome return. Eileen’s date with Ed is like starting all over again and it’s clear it’s not going to be easy. Ed offers to leave but Eileen tells him she thinks they can come through it, despite the disapproval from Norris, Emily and Gail who takes the opportunity to shout her arch enemy down in the street again.

Fred and Bev’s announcement raises a few eyebrows. Fred and Bev arrive back on the street and announce their engagement to a shocked crowd at the Rover’s. He publicly proposes to her again and then presents her with a ring. Their happiness is clear for everyone to see and their critics are silenced. Will Shelley give her mum her seal of approval?

Deirdre’s high jinks come back to haunt her when she gets a call to say she’s been suspended. She’s forced to tell Ken about her drunken kiss with a man whose application she then pushed up the queue. Will Deirdre lose her husband as well as her job?

Wednesday 24 January, 7.30pm on One

Fred is Bev’s knight in shining armour.

Bev calls The Rover’s in trouble. Her boyfriend has driven off and left her on the side of a motorway. Fred speeds off to find her and eventually he finds her soaked through.
Danny surprises Leanne with a (rather old) sports car. Kevin takes a look at the car and reckons it will cost an arm and a leg to get it decent, but Danny tells him to do what he can for a mere £300.

Ed calls Eileen and wants to meet her. When she does, all she wants to hear is the truth so Ed relives the events leading up to Ernest’s death. He tells her how he found God through an older inmate at prison who mentored him.

Gail seeks further reassurance that David is not on drugs and when the police visit he puts on an impressive performance. But later Gail visits Sally and admits that she wants to trust David but it is difficult to know what to believe.

Bev is overjoyed at being rescued, but it’s not long before Fred’s van packs up and they are forced to wait for a rescue company to tow them home.

Eileen goes to see Emily and admits that she has seen Ed. She believes that he is remorseful and deserving of a future. She can’t deny her feelings for him and is going to give their relationship another chance. Emily is sick to the stomach.

Tuesday 23 January, 7.30pm on One

Weatherfield’s cannabis den is exposed.

Eileen feels awkward when Emily comes to see her. Emily admits to Eileen that she can’t forgive Ed and never will. But later in the pub Eileen confides in Steve. If Ed’s remorse was true she may have been able to forgive him, but as he is not around she will never know.
David takes Craig to the bookie’s flat, and it is crammed full of cannabis plants! But David fails to notice a fine spray of water from one of the irrigation pipes. Later on water starts pouring through the ceiling of the bookies so Eric and Jack have no choice but to crash the door down to find the root of the flood. They are shocked at what they discover and the police are called.