Cory in the House

DISNEY CHANNEL –Monday 25 August, 6.00pm

Make sure you tune-in to Disney Channel this August for a great new episode of “Cory In The House”. Cory Baxter is in the house, the White House, that is. This lovable go-getter has a few rather ambitious “entrepreneurial” schemes up his sleeve. Cory sees life in the White House as the business opportunity of a lifetime and he constantly tries to schmooze Washington power brokers and the President himself in order to advance his endless entrepreneurial ideas. With the help of his friends Meena and Newt, Cory keeps the White House staff on its toes while at the same time, his environment teaches him that even teens have the ability to make the world a better place. In this brand new episode “”Macho Libre”, Cory is jealous of Candy spending so much time with the new student from Mexico and tries to impress her by saying he is now into Lucha Libra (Mexican Wrestling). To Cory’s surprise the student is a wrestler himself and challenges Cory to a match.

Disney – Mondays from 5 May, 6.00pm

A sneaky new episode of “Cory In The House” premieres on Disney Channel this May. Cory Baxter is still living large in Washington, DC where his father Victor oversees the presidential kitchen. Cory sees life in the White House as the business opportunity of a lifetime and keeps the staff on its toes with all his schemes. In this premiere episode Cory’s arch nemesis returns and convinces everyone that he has turned…everyone that is, except Cory.

All New Episodes: Cory In The House

Disney Channel – Friday 13 July, 5.30pm
New laughs are in the house, will all-new episodes of the hit spin-off series to “That’s So Raven”, “Cory in the House”. In “Cory in the House,” Cory takes up residence in the staff quarters of the White House when his dad Victor is hand-picked to be personal chef to the newly elected President of the United States, Richard Martinez. Now, Cory must somehow contend with the President’s no-nonsense personal advisor, Samantha Rose, and the sly eight year-old First Daughter, Sophie, all while coping with being an average kid on a scholarship at the elite Washington Preparatory Academy. He’s helped along by his friends, the beautiful Meena Parook, the vivacious daughter of an ambassador who must hide her modern, western ways from her strict, traditional parents; and Newton Livingstone, a rock ‘n roll son from an influential political family. In the new episode on Friday 13 July, “Air Force One Too Many”, Cory accidentally gives away the deed to Alaska and has to sneak onto Air Force One to get it back. You’ll be sorry if you miss Cory, so remember to catch the all new episodes of “Cory in the House” in July!

The Baxter family now consists of Cory and Victor, but that doesn’t mean Raven’s gone forever!
In episode 14, Raven is back to visit Cory and Victor! It’s aslo been hinted that Tania Baxter (T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh) is aslo going to be in the episode. She left at the end of season 3 to go to Law School.

George Takei is said to appear on “Cory in the House” in an upcoming episode where he works on Air Force One. Donna’s dad (Don Stark) on That 70s show will also be in the episode as the Russian Prime Minister.

The official website for the spin-off series of That’s So Raven, Cory In The House is now online.
You can visit it here:

It is not known yet when it will be shown on Australia/NZ Disney Channel.

Cory in the House is the first spinoff of That’s So Raven. The show is expected to premiere in January 2007.

The storyline involves Cory and his father Victor adjusting to life in Washington D.C.; Victor has received a job as the personal chef to the President. The show is also rumored to take place whilst Tanya is still at law school in England, with Raven (presumably) attending college with her two best friends.