Costa’s Arnhem Land Odyssey

LIVING – Friday 21 December, 10.30pm

Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory, is one of the last important wilderness areas on earth and it’s also one of Australia’s last strongholds of traditional Yolngu (Aboriginal) culture. The Yolngu people have 16 clans and have practised the same cultural, religious, artistic and ceremonial activities for more than 40,000 years. Costa, like many Australians, had never visited this vast, astonishing land – but thanks to a very special invitation, he receives a grand tour through the eyes and the voices of its owners. Yirrkala is a small community in northeast Arnhem Land that’s home to about 1000, mostly indigenous, locals. The Yirrkala School recently received some new classrooms, which included garden beds proudly out front. Unfortunately, lack of funds meant they lay bare. So the students wrote a heartfelt letter to Costa inviting him to visit and give them a hand to build a productive vegetable/bush tucker/bush medicine garden.