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9:30pm – Wednesday, April 20 on FOUR

Weeks after a communications blackout reunited Auggie (Christopher Gorham) with Natasha, CIA newbie Annie (Piper Perabo) will be forced to work with her former beau, Ben, in the Covert Affairs season finale, screening on Wednesday, April 20th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

“The finale is Annie’s version of the Auggie episode. [That] was such an overwhelming and emotional episode for Auggie, and the finale is that for Annie,” Christopher Gorham explains.

“She has to confront Ben and their past. A lot of different things come to a head. It’s very poignant for Annie and wraps a lot of things, but also leaves a few loose ends hanging.”

That’s because Ben (Eion Bailey), who first resurfaced two weeks ago, turns up at the CIA headquarters, and the former couple are dispatched to Sri Lanka to rescue Ben’s former asset.

“You see a deepening of the Auggie-Annie relationship. Auggie doesn’t get to get out in the field very much, but he is very present on Annie’s mission and definitely does his part to help her out,” Gorham says.

But that doesn’t mean a romance is in the cards – yet.

“I think it’s a potential down the road. Auggie’s tortured. He’s very reluctant to let people in,” the actor says.

“Of all the current characters in his life, he’s closest to Annie, but she still doesn’t know how he lost his sight, which is a conversation you would have early on in a friendship. He doesn’t give up details like that easily.”

But will all this change following this week’s season finale? Find out when Covert Affairs concludes its first season on Wednesday, April 20th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

9:30pm – Wednesday, March 9 on FOUR

ER’s Eriq La Salle is joining Piper Perabo and co. when he guest stars in this week’s action-packed Covert Affairs, screening on Wednesday, March 9th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

Eriq La Salle will play an African operative who quit the CIA after a nervous breakdown. He has so far resisted coming back to the agency, but La Salle says that his “character might just get sucked back in this time around”.

Make sure not to miss this when Covert Affairs continues it’s first season on Wednesday, March 9th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

9:30pm – Wednesday, February 9 on FOUR

Covert Affairs, premiering on Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on FOUR, sees Annie Walker (Golden Globe nominee Piper Perabo) pulled out of her CIA training and sent on a mission – with no clue as to why she was chosen.

“The way that the role came to me was I was doing a Broadway play… and we were almost done with our run and I was reading movie scripts and I wasn’t finding anything that was really speaking to me and my agent suggested that I read this,” Piper Perabo explains to American TV Guide about how she came to star in the series.

“And I hadn’t thought about doing television, but when I read it, it kind of changed everything for me. She’s such a powerful character, she’s so smart, the action is so intense, and I really thought it would be fun to do.”

During the pilot Annie gets her first taste of life as a CIA agent. “As the show continues,” Perabo says, “Annie’s really a rookie, and so what she excels at and what she isn’t very good at, I think is in some ways tailored to me.”

“I really like driving. I really like action. I really like stunts. And those are things that I haven’t gotten to do in the past, so when I told them that, all of a sudden that stuff started getting more and more intense and more creative!”

And Doug (executive producer Doug Liman) has been very active in ramping up the action sequences for each episode we do, so I think in a lot of ways the action was even kicked up a higher notch because I was so excited to do it.”

Although she loves all the action, Perabo says there are some drawbacks. “It’s really long days because of the action sequences. If you’ve ever been on a set where they’re shooting action, it takes a long time. It goes in really long pieces so that you can get the angles you want and that everything is safe, and so I’m really lucky that I really love the people that I work with, and it’s not bad doing a 17-hour day with these guys.”

Make sure not to miss the results of this hard work when Covert Affairs premieres on Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

First it was TV4. Then it was C4. Now it’s just Four. The new look channel from Mediaworks which they say will be a mainstream entertainment channel with a target audience of 18-49 year olds. No news, sport or information, just pure escapism.

The new and returning shows and their trailers are below:

New Shows

Covert Affairs

Life Unexpected

The Good Guys

The Gates

Love Bites


Top Chef: Just Desserts

Models of the Runway


Friends With Benefits

Mixed Signals

Perfect Couples

Neighbours From Hell

Bobs Burgers

The Cape


Returning shows
The Jono Project
Select Live
The Office
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
30 Rock
The Biggest Loser
Top Chef
America’s Next Top Model
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother
Parks and Recreation

Picks from Four’s new line up would have to be Covert Affairs and Life Unexpected.  There is some pretty good potential with the line up if you’re just looking for something to watch.  The real challenge for Mediaworks is how they’re going to convince people to tune in to the channel over anything else.

What do you think of the line up?