Crash Investigation Unit

Thursday 28 August, 7.30pm

Over 1500 people die on Australian roads each year, and thousands more are seriously, often permanently, injured. Establishing the causes of these tragic incidents are teams of highly specialised police officers – the Crash Investigation Unit (C.I.U).

Crash Investigation Unit offers a rare insight into the chain of events that lead to fatal road crashes, as well as the extensive work of CIU officers. It also looks at the emotional impact on survivors, families and friends.
Over ten weeks, Crash Investigation Unit uniquely balances its policing and scientific elements (including 3-D animations created from police survey data), by sharing with viewers the human, personal toll of serious crashes.
Across the series, families and friends share stories of lost loved ones; survivors reflect on luck and what they could, or should, have done differently; and witnesses relive the shock of what they saw.