Crime Investigation Network

Premiere: The Man With No Past

Crime Investigation Network – Monday 21 January, 9.30pm

Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to remember a thing about your entire life. Imagine not remembering any of your family or friends and questioning everything you are told. Would you try to re-build your former self or seize the chance for a new life? These are the questions 25 year old David Fitzpatrick faces. On December 4th 2005, he became the 13th person ever in the UK to be diagnosed with Dissociative Fugue, an extremely rare type of amnesia that could happen to anyone at anytime. We follow David as he pieces together the events that led up to his fugue in order to understand what triggered the condition and to stop it happening again. As this unique story unfolds, some fundamental questions about our identity are posed. Just how would we react if somebody very close to us suddenly forgot who we were…?