Crime Scene

Crime Scene
Thursday 20 September, 8.30pm

When Joseph Thompson and Malcolm Rewa prowled the streets of Auckland in the 1990s, the term serial rapist entered the national vocabulary. Now, another serial rapist is on the loose – and this time he’s terrorising the women of Hamilton.

Tonight, ‘Crime Scene’ (at 8.30pm on TV ONE) takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into ‘Operation Phil’, the manhunt mounted for an offender who has raped at least three women this year.
‘Crime Scene’, a 90-minute special presented by Greg Boyed, asks the New Zealand public to help police solve this and several other ongoing investigations. Boyed says the programme is an effective way of assisting the police. “In every crime that has happened, there are people – aside from the criminal – who know something; who have seen something or heard something at the time, but haven’t had a context to put it in. That’s where ‘Crime Scene’ comes into its own.”

The first episode of Crime Scene screened earlier this year, and the response from the public has helped police make significant progress in their investigations. Boyed and the ‘Crime Scene’ team are hoping to use the public’s eyes and ears to help with several other ongoing investigations such as ‘Operation Phil’.

The man heading ‘Operation Phil’ Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Page, will reveal some never before known details about these crimes. He says 25 police from around New Zealand have been marshalled to catch the rapist, with police holding grave fears he may attack again. “These are vicious attacks targeted towards woman who are vulnerable. They are reflective of someone who is violent, who is dominating. It is someone who is demeaning towards woman and in my view they are atrocious. We can’t afford to let this man stay out.”

‘Operation Phil’ is being aided by the work of the Criminal Profiling Unit that was established to help capture Joseph Thompson. ‘Crime Scene’ gets an insight into how the unit works and hears from Thompson himself about why he attacked so many women.

‘Crime Scene’ tonight also looks at the very real threat of abduction – 177 people in New Zealand were targeted by abductors and kidnappers in the last six months of 2006 alone. The show examines the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old girl in Auckland’s Stanmore Bay and tests to see how aware viewers’ children are of stranger danger.

But children are not just at risk from strangers. New Zealand has one of the most appalling child abuse rates in the western world, with 10 children dying at the hands of caregivers every year. ‘Crime Scene’ investigates why people are beating their children to death and comes up with some practical ways every New Zealander can help.

‘Crime Scene’ will also look at the phenomenon that is youth gangs. It used to be that the worst crime committed by Kiwi youngsters was tagging. But this new generation are raping, robbing and even murdering.

Boyed hopes ‘Crime Scene’ will encourage viewers to be vigilant with their personal safety and be prepared, something he can relate to in a different context. “I was burgled recently just after moving house. It brought home to me that crime is not something you think about until it happens to you.”

Watch ‘Crime Scene’ tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE.

Why didn’t they make Crime Scene a regular TV show and replace Police Ten 7, or at least have it on while Police Ten 7 is on a break?

At the moment it feels like Police Ten 7 is trying to be two things in one: a reality TV show as well as a show similar to America’s Most Wanted.

At least Crime Scene provided tips on improving security etc etc. I say bring back Crime Scene. There hasn’t been anything good since Crimewatch

Crime Scene
Monday 2 July, 8pm

This ‘Crime Scene’ update, with presenter Greg Boyed, will reveal what new leads, arrests and progress have been made in the cases profiled on the show last week, and will also give final results of the viewer polls.

Crime Scene
Monday 25 June, 8pm

In New Zealand, a car is stolen every 20 minutes, every 17 minutes there is a burglary and four sexual offences are committed every day.

Presented by Greg Boyed (‘Fair Go’), ‘Crime Scene’ is a 90-minute special on TV ONE, which brings the public to the crime scene to help police solve a mysterious homicide, a missing person investigation and a series of crimes committed in New Zealand over recent weeks and months (tonight at 8pm). ‘Crime Scene’ also investigates new initiatives to curb car theft, and a scrap metal crime wave that’s sweeping the country.
A nationwide ‘Crime Scene’ survey in TV Guide polled New Zealanders on their views on crime. The poll results will be broadcast on tonight’s ‘Crime Scene’, counting down the top 10 crimes that most concern New Zealanders and revealing which regions in the country are most at risk.

As 2007 has been marred by more crimes committed by offenders on parole, ‘Crime Scene’ features a studio debate on the parole system, bringing exponents and critics together for the first time on television.

While crime poses a threat to everyone, there are acts of extraordinary bravery committed by members of the public and the emergency services that save people from becoming victims. ‘Crime Scene’ tells the stories of a hero whose actions saved a young boy’s life.

Tonight, ‘Crime Scene’ will put the spotlight on crime and ask the New Zealand public for information via telephone, text and email. It will also look at the country’s ‘crime hotspots’, as well as provide useful information on keeping safe.

Monday 25 June 8.00pm, on

Fight crime in New Zealand from your couch. Join presenter Greg Boyed for a look at some of our most mysterious crimes, most dangerous criminals and countdown of the top ten crimes that concern the nation.