Criminal Behaviour

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sunday 28 February, 6.00pm

Pablo Escobar was the king of cocaine. His army of dealers turned on the world. He was the object of a massive manhunt and gunned down eventually in Bogota, Columbia. This much publicized event was designed to make the point that crime does not pay. However, a recent trip back to Pablo’s hometown reveals a troubling truth – Pablo is a local hero and legend. Loved for having built schools and hospitals with some of the criminal proceeds of his corrupt life. And today, we are told Escobar’s soldiers continue their cocaine conspiracies.

Premiere: Criminal Behaviour: Tyson

Crime & Investigation Network – Sunday 23 September, 7.30pm

From the playpen to the penitentiary, Criminal Behaviour follows the lives and crimes of infamous criminals. Go inside the minds of notorious figures such as Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and gangster Al Capone. Find out how a life turned into a life of crime.

TYSON: Mike Tyson went from a criminal street thug in Brooklyn, NY, to Heavyweight Champion of the World. But his fame and fortune led to more problems – broken marriages, infidelity, and imprisonment for rape.