CTV has announced they are extending the reach of the channel down into South Canterbury from tomorrow (June 1).

CTV is available on Freeview|HD channel 40, Igloo 40, TiVo 40 and TelstraClear 199.

Regional broadcaster CTV is now available to the nation.

Maori Television is pleased to advise that CTV, the Canterbury broadcaster hit by the 22 February earthquake in Christchurch, today commenced screening nationwide via the Maori Television platform.

CTV is broadcasting via the Maori Television channel frequency weekdays from 8am to 10am and from 1pm to 3pm, and weekends from 8am to 2pm. These timeslots are currently unused by Maori Television.

Maori Television is available free-to-air via Freeview channel 5 or at Sky TV channel 19.

Chief Executive Jim Mather said he was delighted to offer CTV, on behalf of Maori Television, the opportunity to broadcast its programming to a national audience. He hoped that in some small way this would support the CTV staff and the people of Christchurch to recover from the devastation that the earthquake caused. The transmission access is provided to CTV at no cost.

“It is our hope that the support of Maori Television will contribute to CTV sharing local Christchurch stories to a national audience during the challenges that they all continue to face,” said Mr Mather.

“I am particularly mindful that CTV has suffered horrifically with the loss of so many of its staff members, its home base, and its entire infrastructure. As a fellow broadcaster they have our support.”

CTV Chairman Nick Smith said CTV had approached Maori Television because it was important to get recovery messages and updates to all New Zealanders, particularly those with family and friends living in Christchurch, and to profile the progress being made in the city.

“We are indebted to Maori Television for their kind offer. This gives us a national platform which would not otherwise be available to us. I know that the people of Christchurch appreciate this, as do Christchurch businesses.”

CTV will broadcast via the Maori Television’s transmission platform until 31 July this year.

Canterbury Television (CTV) returns to the air today for the first time since the February 22 earthquake destroyed its headquarters and claimed 16 of its staff.

It will be an emotional return for the station as it broadcasts from its new premises in the Mainland Press building.

Presenter Rob Cope-Williams says it has taken a huge amount of effort to get the station back up and running considering the loss they suffered in February.

“We had to do it for them,” said Cope-Williams. “Everyone is buckling in and working their hearts out to make things happen. I’m exceedingly proud of everyone involved. While they might have been doing two or three jobs in the old CTV, they’re doing six or seven now. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Cope-Williams says the support the station has received from the Canterbury region has been overwhelming.

“We’ve gone to different companies for equipment and when the equipment arrives there’s an invoice which says no payment due. The support has just been brilliant.

“It’s very humbling that so many people are helping and it’s also very exciting because we’re doing something using the old pioneering spirit and that in itself is an absolute buzz. It’s also very emotional.”

CTV will return to the air today at 5.30pm with a news bulletin.

Broadcasting will resume on the local analogue frequency 24 hours a day as well as on Maori Television from 8am to 10am and 1pm to 3pm daily.

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CTV will return to the air this month following the February earthquake that claimed 16 staff members.

Canterbury Television chairman Nick Smith said returning to the air is important for not just the staff involved but also Christchurch in general.

The station will resume operations on April 18 with an on-air tribute to the staff lost in the February 22 6.3 magnitude quake.

Smith says there was no question that CTV would be returning to the air at some stage despite the destruction of their building. The station will now be based in the Mainland Press building.

“Anyone who gives up in a little bit of adversity is not worth a tin of salt,” Mr Smith said.

“When we finally put the contracts in place… the whole thing has been going gang busters, everyone has been chipping in, it has been great.”

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said the news will be great for the city.

“I’m really thrilled. It’s great news for our community and it’s also just an appropriate thing given the horrific events of the last couple of months,” Mr Parker said.

Source: Herald

CTV’s Managing Director, Murray Wood, has been named among the growing list of fatalities of the February 22nd earthquake.

Wood is one of 15 CTV staffers believed to have been killed when the CTV building collapsed.

A father of five sons and a daughter, 57 year old Wood was an avid piano player and a real enthusiast for the industry who will be dearly missed.

It’s an image that dominated the front pages of newspapers around the world after the Christchurch earthquake hit. Kent and Elizabeth Manning, the two children of CTV presenter Donna Manning who is still missing, presumed dead.

Donna’s family sent out the following press release this morning:

It has been one week since the 6.3
earthquake hit Christchurch and as we observe 2 minutes
silence today our hearts go out to all of Christchurch,
especially those who, like us, are still waiting for news of
loved ones.

We are still waiting for news of our
sister Donna (Manning) and holding onto hope that she will
be returned to us. While we wait, we pray for strength,
especially for our parents and Donna’s children, Elizabeth
and Kent Manning.

I want to thank everyone who has
shown such love and support – there has been so much from
near and far away.

As a lot of you have requested,
today we are releasing the details of the Trust we have set
up for Donna’s children.

As both Kent and Elizabeth’s mother was earning a living from the TV industry, we’d like to encourage everyone to donate to their trust at any kiwibank branch. 

The Elizabeth and Kent Manning Trust

Donna Manning

We here at Triangle and Stratos are in shock at the damage to our colleagues at CTV and the Christchurch area. We would urge you all to donate your money, charity and blood to help out fellow Kiwis in need. Let’s hope that they can find more survivors in Christchurch.

Out of respect we have currently suspended broadcast of all CTV programs on Stratos, these are: Rob’s country, This Week in Canterbury and the Fishing Paper Show.

Canterbury TV began broadcasting widescreen as of 10am Tuesday 11th January on their analogue frequency. This is in preparation for going onto the freeview platform later this year, though a date for this has yet to be confirmed.

Technically, what this means for CTV viewers:

 – if you have an old 4:3 screen tv, not much you can do, the picture will appear a little sequeezed but you’ll get use to it. Eventually you’ll want to buy a new widescreen TV in any case.

 – if you have a 16:9 widescreen TV, then you should be able to change the aspect ratio using a button on your TV remote, something labelled “Aspect” or “P Size” or some ilk (look up the TV manual if you can’t figure it out) and pressing the button consecutively until you get the 16:9 ratio.

Note that the format for CTV is not yet consistent for every program, and you may have to change the aspect depending on what you are watching. For instance, I’ve noticed the DW broadcasts work better with Zoom1 aspect. However, these inconsistencies should probably be ironed out in a few weeks. Also, when switching to other analogue channels, you may have to change the aspect ratio again. This is because other analogue channels still broadcast in other formats at this stage.

Living in Canterbury, I do not know the progess towards widescreen and freeview for local channels in other areas. Anyone from another part of the country who wishes to give an update on this, please do so here.

Christchurch’s regional TV station CTV appeared to have scored the quote of the year with their interview with Wigram MP and Christchurch City Mayoral candidate Jim Anderton on their Newsmakers current affairs show after Yahoo!Xtra quoted Newstalk ZB as saying that on Friday, the day before the 7.1 shake, Jim Anderton had told CTV:

it would take an earthquake for him to lose the election race against incumbent mayor Bob Parker

However, upon watching the clip, that appears to be a pretty long bow.  Yes, an earthquake and seismic shift are mentioned but he was referring to him leaving the Labour party over privatisation.