Chinese Television 8 (CTV8) joins the Freeview Team

Yes, CTV8s going to be New Zealands first Free to air, national Chinese programming channel.

After several months of negotiation and extensive planning it is clear that the channel will launch at 2009.

World Television Limited, owner of New Zealands Asian programming channels has just announced that CTV8 (Chinese Television 8 -currently broadcasted in Auckland’s UHF 62) will join the Freeview channels group.

Along with Te Reo, STRATOS, Maori Television and CUE. CTV8 will offer Chinese Programming to over 6% of current Freeview subscribers in New Zealand which brings in New Zealands first Free to air 24/7 Asian and Chinese Channel in Digital quality all for FREE.

The Programming in CTV8 consist of mainly programming from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Only available in Chinese:Mandarin audio and possibly in English audio or subtitles. It is not too sure about the issues concerning the EPG and Online Program Guide.

The Official Launch Date is not exactly clear and final, but the launch will exactly launch in 2009.

Though it is not clear whether CTV8 will either broadcast on Terresterial or Satellite transmissions. For more information regarding CTV8 please contact World TV on 09 5712288 then press 4 for English Assistance.

Media Misinterpretation of the Asian Mass March held in East Auckland by over 15,000 protesters. A more detailed and comprehensive story outline will be published later on the week in the Sunday Star Times. So Keep your eye out 😉

TV3’s 3NEWS have once again misinterpreted the Asian communities mass march held at East Auckland just like the Formaldehyde Issue! And there are growing concerns over a formal complaint which is currently being processed.

Viewers from many different ethnic backgrounds many from which are Asian, had viewed Mondays 3 NEWS program covering the Asian protest march held in Botany Downs, East Auckland and are concerned and angry on how 3 NEWS have interpreted the News story as being in a ”Negative”, ”Misleading” and ”inaccurate”.

There are growing concerns throughout the Asian and abundantly the Chinese community over publishing a formal complaint against TVWORKS NEWs Department at TV3 by World Television Limited.

There are still ongoing concerns by local chinese viewers on CTV8’s AM936 RadioFeed program called ”News Today” (Live from 3pm Weekdays only on CTV8)

This also follows on the lead of the Formaldehyde issue against Chinese Manufactaurs and Employees working in China, which was also inaccurately, misleading and negatively expressed on national television by Target on TV3, which now they are now forced to pay $4000 of compensation and a aired apology. (Read more through ‘tv-fan’s blogs)


A more detailed and comprehensive story outline will be published later on the week in the Sunday Star Times. So Keep your eye out 😉


TV >> Auckland Viewers are able to access CTV8 (Chinese Television 8 ) via UHF 62 Free to Air only on the Analogue service to watch the Radio Feeds and New Zealand News at 7:30am (I Love New Zealand) and 3pm (News today), both broadcasted on weekdays LIVE. There is a possibility that programming and audio may be available in English through Pakeha speakers, but a majority is in Chinese: Mandarin. The Presenters can also speak in English and you may wish to call them during the show on: 09 571 2288 (World TV).
RADIO >> It is also available in the AM frequency in Auckland Radio. AM936
NEWSPAPERS >> Local Chinese Newspapers (Chinese Herald, Mandarin Times) and Sunday Star Times.

CTV8 officially launches today on UHF Channel 62 in Auckland.

The 24-hour free-to-air channel simulcasts with Mandarin and Cantonese audio feeds and plays popular drama series; news and current affairs from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; variety shows or diverse formats; documentaries with an Asian emphasis, as well as a wide range of ‘infotainment’.

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