CUE TVEffective midnight 10 April, CUE Television will move to a full time production operation and forfeit their broadcast platform in order to divert resources to a new venture.

After nearly 19 years as a broadcaster, first at a regional level, then nationally from 2003, it was not a step taken lightly by Managing Director Tom Conroy. “While we had a strong band of airtime clients from outside the province seeking to access the Auckland market in particular, the Southland business sector sent out a clear message they didn’t see the same value, therefore no transmission model based in Invercargill could work, without that local support.”

Since the signalled exit of the SIT2LRN programming, CUE has canvassed the local market to find clients keen take advantage of CUE’s access to an audience of 2.6 million via the Freeview and SKY platforms, but no major players were forthcoming. Continue reading »

I didn’t pick up on this until today, but it seems Cue has, over the weekend, gone widescreen and although it’s in widescreen on SKY and probably Freeview too, it is also in widescreen down here on VHF as well.

This would, as far as I’m aware of, make Cue the first (possibly) VHF channel to go widescreen.

Of course, I’m sure readers will inform me of other VHF and UHF channels to have done this as well.

Update: (2:38pm) Cue on VHF is now back to full screen and the digital is in 16:9, although I’d say SIT programming and most possibly Cue News will be in widescreen.

I have bveen watching Cue TV and are very impressed. Yhey had an excellent coverage of the Tour of Southland bike race. It was brillian. Obviously not up to the Tour De France. Its a pity it was not advertised as a few friends I know missed it.

The great part about the coverage was the keeness of the presenters.

The TV news is good and interesting to watch.

Love to read what ytou think.