Cup Talk

11:00pm – Thursday, September 8 on TV 3

Premiering on Thursday, September 8 th at 11pm on 3, Cup Talk sees former 3 News sports journalist, who has become one of British Sky Broadcasting’s most respected rugby broadcasters, James Gemmell present a fresh, lively show with a highly competitive format that puts top rugby broadcasters and journalists head-to-head in an informal battle of views and opinions.

Screening everyday during the Rugby World Cup 2011 tournament, Cup Talk will see Gemmell battling to control the Cup Talk guests as they passionately debate all the rugby news of the day. “At TV3 we live and breathe rugby,” says MediaWorks TV Head of Sport John McDonald. “From Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry to our wonderful receptionists, there are no All Black supporters more passionate than those in this building.”

Each night, Gemmell will be joined by regular contributors including Andrew Mehrtens, Hamish McKay, Ben Hurley, Wynne Gray, Phil Gifford, Miles Davis, and a host of other former All Blacks, rugby enthusiasts, and local and international sports journalists.

“The prospect of Mehtrens, McKay and Loe calling the big games, with the inimitable Josh Kronfeld on the sideline, plus James Gemmell, one of the most talented sports broadcasters this country has produced, adds up to must-see TV,” McDonald adds, describing TV3’s Rugby World Cup 2011 coverage.

Make sure not to miss all this, when on the eve of the Rugby World Cup 2011 TV3 screens the first instalment of Cup Talk, screening on Thursday, September 8 th at 11pm on 3.