DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Sunday 8 January, 7.30pm

It’s meant to be a joyous event but in reality, it’s a gripping battle for survival. Join actress Courtney Cox as we go inside the womb and follow the story from conception to birth, showing how the struggle for life turns into the miracle of birth.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Sunday 1 January, 7.30pm

What would it be like to be immortal? It’s the year 2967 and Adam Savage is 1000 years old. He reflects on his long life revealing how science in the 21st century transformed his body, creating a supercharged cyber-human, allowing him to live forever.

Academy Award® winner Robin Williams, music renaissance man Will.i.Am, actor Martin Sheen and star actress Courtney Cox headline a provocative line-up for Discovery Channel’s Curiosity, premiering every Sunday beginning October 30 at 7.30pm.  

From the visionary mind of Discovery’s iconic founder John Hendricks comes Curiosity, an unprecedented landmark event series that brings the ‘I wonder?’ moment to television with a unique blend of eclectic and provocative subjects covering science, technology or society.

This series fearlessly dives into a world of questions posed by several well-known personalities, some of which include: Super Size Me film-maker Morgan Spurlock who explores life as a cave man; Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman who tests the possibility of parallel universes; actress Maggie Gyllenhaal who explores why sex is fun; MythBusters’ Adam Savage who investigates if we can really live forever; actor Samuel L. Jackson who explores how the world will end; Lost and Avatar star Michelle Rodriguez who questions how we might survive an alien attack and Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe who reveals the millions of hidden live organisms living on our human bodies.

Featuring 14 hours of Television premieres, Curiosity promises a television experience unlike any other as big names tackle big questions and Discovery goes to extremes to uncover answers that will surprise even the most curious among us.


CURIOSITY episode descriptions:



Stephen Hawking unfolds his personal, compelling vision of the biggest question of all: who or what created the universe in which we live? The groundbreaking series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking combined cutting-edge CG with Hawking’s witty, distinctive and incisive world view. Now, we take the journey a step further, as physics and cosmology become tools to answer questions that philosophers have struggled with for thousands of years.



From remarkable natural events such as molten lava, colliding tectonic plates, floods, asteroid impacts, volcanic explosions and gigantic floods, the landmass that is North America came into being. We tend to take the land under our feet for granted. However, the geological story behind its creation is extraordinary. Welcome to one of nature’s most dramatic and visually arresting puzzles, pieced together by award-winning actor Martin Sheen.



Host, Academy Award® winning actor Morgan Freeman, reveals that there could be more than one version of reality and more than one ‘you’ in existence. As scientists unravel this possibility, we discover that these parallel worlds could in fact determine the destiny of the entire universe.



Acclaimed film-maker, Morgan Spurlock, and a group of nine ordinary men and women leave civilisation behind to take part in an ambitious experiment to discover if humans were better off as cavemen. Using only stone-age technology and their wits, they attempt to survive in the wilderness as the cavemen once did. A group of four experts observe the group, evaluating their performance and drawing surprising conclusions about modern people and our caveman ancestors. Will Morgan and the group endure, or will their dependence on modern conveniences be their undoing? For ten days the team is pushed to the limit of human physical and psychological endurance.


HOW WILL THE WORLD END? (special time of 6.30pm)

The Mayans tell us it will happen next year, on 21st December to be precise. The terrible recent events from Indonesia, Haiti and Japan seem to some, evidence of impending global doom. However, just how likely is a global apocalypse from a scientific point of view? When, where and how will it happen, if at all? Samuel L. Jackson hosts this CGI spectacular which examines the most likely ways the world might end. The latest geological, seismic and telescopic devices are used to put a number on the likelihood of their occurrence, the time frame within which they will take place and even the potential casualties. 


WORLD’S DIRTIEST MAN (special time of 6.30pm)

We shower, bathe, apply perfumes and deodorants and are cleaner and healthier than at any other point in human history. So it may surprise us to learn that there are ten times more things living on us than cells in our body. From the flora of our gut, to the fauna on our skin and hair, this film explores the wildlife park that is the human body in stunning, microscopic detail, combining the creativity of natural history film making with the charisma of Discovery’s very own Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs.



Sexual pleasure is among the most prized, meaningful and richest experiences known to man. However, the orgasm is a true scientific puzzle. In men, it helps expel sperm but in women, its role is unknown. Some feel it’s just a ‘bonus’, others believe it may help play a role in conception. Ultrasound scans, MRI imaging and the scientific tracking of sperm journeying towards the fallopian tubes, suggest that it’s a highly sophisticated device which has evolved to guide partner choice, select DNA and even help fertilise the most appropriate eggs at the most appropriate time. Film star Maggie Gyllenhaal hosts this revealing investigation which is a true scientific first.



Moore’s Law (named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore) states that the number of transistors on a chip will double every two years. By this calculation, somewhere around 2050, computers will be able to out-think, out-wit and out-perform human brains in almost every area of cognition. At the same time, medical advances will likely be able to blend man and machine into one super-intelligent, bionic organism. This watershed moment is known as ‘The Singularity’. However, what happens on the other side of this momentous event? And will it be a force for good or evil? Join host, Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.Am, on a journey into the history of our future, with this dramatised documentary exploring the direct aftermath of ‘The Singularity’.



Will we one day be able to live forever? If so, when?

In 2011, MythBusters’ Adam Savage was 43. Now it is the year 2967 and he is 1000 years old. He looks back on his long life revealing how medical science in the 21st century transformed his body, creating a supercharged cyber-human, allowing him to live forever. Along the way, he describes the transhumanism, brain downloads, self-regenerating organs and full body transplants he experienced, all in the name of becoming the world’s first 1000 year-old man.



Two tiny chains of genetic information, one with a motor, the other with a yolk, will somehow combine to become the most complex, delicate, sophisticated machine known on Earth, man. However, how exactly how does this process work? Moreover, how does a single celled organism develop the extraordinary spark that is consciousness? Combining case studies of real life pregnancies with the latest 4-D ultrasound and ultra-high res CGI, this is the story of human fetal development. Hosted by actress Courtney Cox, it is a tale of love and war, perseverance and self-sacrifice. However, above all, it’s a never-before-seen window into the world’s most precious miracle of bioengineering.



This generation’s master of horror, actor/director Eli Roth, knows a thing or two about the nature of evil. His Hostel films terrified us by dramatising the fiendish acts of lunatics and madmen. Now, Eil plans to unveil the most horrifying monster of them all, capable of callous murder with only the slightest prodding: the average human.

Roth and a team of psychological experts will carry out a series of startling experiments that will shed some light on the capacity for evil that lurks within ordinary men and women and what they find will astound you. His effort will commemorate the 50th anniversary of a mind-blowing experiment created by Professor Stanley Milgram at Yale University. Milgram wanted to know why German citizens during World War II were so obedient when ordered to commit heinous crimes like genocide. What he learned instead was something much more universal and far more terrifying.

Roth will take viewers on an exploration of the nature of evil on many fronts, covering past and present, surveying philosophers and maniacs and culminating with a new set of Milgram Experiments that will serve as the backbone of this program.



For centuries, humans have ingested substances designed to give them superhuman energy, strange visions and otherworldly sensations. Sometimes, the reasons have been ritualistic, sometimes religious and sometimes simply recreational. 

However, what exactly is in this class of special substances known as ‘narcotics’? What is their chemical makeup? How do they alter the body and the brain and why are many of them so addictive and often deadly?

Robin Williams, who has experienced both the highs and the lows of substance abuse, takes us on a candid, shocking and sometimes sobering journey into the psychophysiology of psychotropic drugs, aided by high end 3-D CGI.



We have all read the books and seen the movies, such as War of the Worlds, Independence Day and Alien. However, they are all fiction, right? Well, maybe not. New science is suggesting that aliens may be very real and that they may not be as cuddly as E.T. Host, Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Avatar) brings together top scientists, military strategists and writers to dramatise what would happen if and when aliens attack.