Curious And Unusual Deaths

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursdays from 17 May, 11.00pm

A fatal phone call? Killer carrot juice? A deadly sneeze? Strange but true, these are Curious and Unusual Deaths. This 13-part series explores – and explains – the world’s strangest, weirdest or simply avoidable deaths. A fatal fastball, murder by microwave, killer kites and more are transformed from bizarre mystery into explainable fact in Season 2 of this original series. Dramatic recreations, CGI sequences and expert scientific analysis breathe life into these tragic tales of death.

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays from 3 October, 9.00pm

More weird deaths make for more weird science!

Season two of Curious and Unusual Deaths is steam pressure over blood pressure and electrical shocks over the electrical system. It brings less biology and more hard science to the facts behind these intriguing and bizarre deaths, with cinematic recreations and CGI sequences to illustrate these expert explanations. Death by a 20ft inflatable elephant, death by household chores, death by a vacation, and mysterious celebrity deaths will also be revealed.