Daisy Cooks

All New Episodes: Daisy Cooks
Food TV – Fridays from 20 April, 10.00pm

Daisy Martinez’s cooking has it all—vibrant colours, remarkable flavours and a keen sense of tradition. Martinez is passionate about her culture—its music, fashion, history and, most of all, its food. In Daisy Cooks! Martinez salsas around the kitchen while illustrating simple steps to make Latin-inspired cuisine. Each episode has Martinez preparing two or three recipes—what she calls “real cooking from scratch”—in her studio kitchen. Using a dish as basic as chicken and rice, Martinez explores the endless, yet comfortably familiar possibilities these two humble basic ingredients can produce. She provides easy-to-follow demonstrations, including easily found ingredient substitutions, and teaches techniques passed down from her mother and grandmother. She also familiarizes viewers with food markets and favourite ingredients of the Latino kitchen.