Dancing On Ice

DancingonIcemarkWarning: Contains minor spoilers.

It’s fair to say that part of the appeal of shows like Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice is the small possibility that one of the celebrities will fall.

We aren’t hoping for serious injuries or anything like that, we just want to see a little slip-up every now and again because it’s entertaining.

However, in the latest season of Dancing on Ice in the UK, one of the professional skaters took a tumble on live TV that resulted in a dislocated shoulder. Continue reading »

7:30pm Friday, June 3 on TV One

It’s time to break out the blades and dust off the dance routines with the new series of the global TV sensation, Dancing On Ice.

Under the guidance of Olympic figure skating champions, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, each week celebrity contestants will take to the ice with a live performance as they compete for the judges’ approval and the public’s vote.

It’s a star-packed show with newsreader Angela Rippon, Coronation Street’s Steve Arnold, ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona and rapper Vanilla Ice amongst the 16-celebrities getting their skates on, and Spice Girl Emma Bunton joining the judging panel.

Teamed with professional skaters, the celebrities battle their insecurities and attempt to face down their fears by donning razor-sharp blades and hitting the ice in high speed and sometimes highly risky, dance moves.

Host Phillip Scholfield says he has nothing but respect for what the celebs do.

“It’s hilarious to see someone fall over but they all know those blades are razor sharp – it is dangerous.

“You can break bits of yourself, you can smash your face in and for someone whose job is on-screen, that can be a real jeopardy and a real risk,” he says.

He continued: “None of us like to see blood on the ice.”

In the first two weeks, four famous faces will be voted out by the public. After the first public vote, the three celebs with the lowest votes skate again while the public vote again and the two with the lowest votes leave.

Join Phillip, his co-host Holly Willoughby and the rest of the team for a full series of glittering drama, dance-offs, feuds and falls on Dancing On Ice.

Stay tuned for Dancing On Ice: The Results which plays straight after on TV ONE!

8:30pm Friday, May 28 on TV One

The UK phenomenon, Dancing On Ice comes to New Zealand, as superstar skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean take 14 celebrities and try to turn them into ice-skating stars in just 12 weeks. Presented by Kiwi-born Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, and judged by Emma Bunton, Jason Gardiner, Nicky Slater, Karen Barber, and Robin Cousins.

Charity campaigner Heath Mills very nearly didn’t make it into this year’s competition. Following an injury in the early stages of training she nearly quit the show, but Heather wasn’t about to admit defeat.

“I had eight lessons and then I was flat on my back for ten days after a bad fall and I nearly had to drop out. My doctor thought it was ridiculous that I was putting myself through this and said ‘I think you should pull out’. But I’m not a quitter and I’m so used to injury in my life so I know how to overcome it.”

“Now I’m scared to fall again because of all my injuries. I have no fear in one way but when I had that first fall and I was flat on my back I thought: ‘oh God, I’ve got to be careful about this because I can’t afford to end up in a wheelchair and not walk’. So I suppose I’m holding back a bit now in that I’m being sensible and not overdoing things. At the same time I hope I’m doing enough to impress the judges and get the public support,” Mills says.

“Before I began training I went online and looked to see if there were any figure skaters out there who were amputees. There weren’t any, but eventually I found an ice hockey amputee and he said that it took him four years to learn to skate and that it would be impossible to figure skate in such a short space of time. So I thought, you know what, that sounds like a challenge, why not give it a go?”

“Obviously I can’t bend my leg in the way that ice skaters need to do and there are some things I will not be able to do as well as the others, such as crossovers. But my core is solid so I find the lifts easier, whereas other people may find those difficult. I’m sure everyone is going to have their issues whether they’ve got one leg or two.”

Mills talks about her inspiration for taking part in the show, “I’m really excited to be doing this and if it inspires any other amputees, men, women or children to get skating then all the pain and training will be worthwhile. I just hope me being on the show raises a lot of awareness and challenge peoples’ preconceptions of disability. Because, let’s face it, everyone is just a banana skin away from disability when you think about it, whether they know it or not.”

“The other reason I’m doing the show is for myself. I’ve nearly died four times which has really made me focus on the right here right now and I want to try everything. So when my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday and for Christmas I said I’d like to jump out of a plane by myself and I’d like to race a proper racing car. So she booked both. I haven’t done the racing car yet, but I did the parachute jump for charity, which was amazing. The Dancing On Ice camera crew filmed the charity parachute jump and although it was scary it was still a lot easier than ice-skating” she adds with a grin.

Talking about her dance partner Matt, Mills says, “The Dancing On Ice producers asked me what kind of personality I was and I said I am someone who will push myself to the limit so I don’t need a really arrogant bossy skating partner who will push me to the limit because it will be a bit of a waste for me as I will do that myself anyway. I need someone who will work with me to work out how to achieve different ways of doing things that can be virtually impossible sometimes to do with one leg. So Matt could not have been a better match for me, we couldn’t be better suited. He’s already been round for dinner and we are having a real laugh.”

Talking about working with her idols Torvill and Dean, Mills says, “oh my God! I am in awe of the pair of them. When I watched them perform Bolero together on the last series it was very emotional, because it’s like that music sets something off in your mind and takes you back in time. That music really does take me back to the ’80s, watching Jayne and Chris at the Olympics was a really poignant and inspirational moment in my life and I’m sure in millions of other peoples’ lives too.”

Of course, Heather is known for her forthright opinions – so how does she feel about facing a potentially critical judging panel? “Oh I will laugh my head off. I don’t understand how people can take what they say personally. It won’t bother me at all. I’ve had more criticism than anyone in the entire history of the planet, so I can promise you fair criticism about my skating will just wash over me.”

The game celebrities are; charity campaigner, Heather Mills; ex-Coronation Streetactor, Danny Young; ex-EastEnders star, Danniella Westbrook; Olympic swimmer, Sharron Davies; Boyzone’s Mikey Graham; comedian, Bobby Davro; singer, Sinitta; actress, Emily Atack ; GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones; actor, Gary Lucy; author, Tana Ramsay; Hollyoaks actor, Kieron Richardson; actor, Jeremy Sheffield; and actress, Hayley Tamaddon.

The stars perform in front of a LIVE audience each week and compete to win the title of Dancing on Ice Champion 2010. With their sights set on mastering daring moves including the axle, the helicopter and the infamous head-banger as well as new and thrilling lifts and jumps, the celebrities push themselves to the limit for the ultimate ice-dancing competition.

Dancing with the Stars fans out there may want to check out One’s new imported series Dancing On Ice tonight at 8.30pm.

The popular British reality series is effectively DWTS in a very cold room.

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