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Fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will love this.

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Mrs Fozzy (and Melenie Parkes on Yahoo NZ) noted the other day the demise of the much fanfared “Dancing with the Stars US” on New Zealand TV. I was quite surprised Throng didn’t pick up on this sooner.

After all the slap, dash and flash of the promo’s amidst one of the most tumultuous times in recent NZ TV history (you remember – when Coro Street’s timeslot changed for a couple of weeks…?) It was given prime time billing, loads of gaudy adverts and hoopla and it had such well known stars as… um… Chaz Bono (you know, Cher’s son who used to be her daughter), (its hosted by) the guy from America’s Funniest Home videos and…… um….. did I mention Chaz Bono?

Now here we are a week or two later and where is it on TV1’s schedule? Midday, Saturday!

Wow! Yet another awesome strategic move by TVNZ!

Just how much public or commercial money did they waste on this wee piece of memeism?  How much research was put into how many people would watch the show for its entire length (or have the foggiest clue just who the hell any of these pirouetting people were)?

Did they even care to flick over to the competition and watch that other bastion of paparazzi-esque “celebrity” drivel “ET” to be able to tell who had already won it (and if anyone over there cared either)?

I realise TVNZ’s charter has been executed and the bill for the bullet sent to the NZ taxpayer, but this is the twenty first century. We no longer go to the coliseum to watch slaves fight to the death or be ripped apart by lions. We certainly do not deserve to be continuously served up this type of programme on our screens in 2011. New Zealand’s tastes are so much better than this. It is little wonder regular TV viewing figures (or whatever magical calculation they conjure up to tell us, allegedly, no one watches anything but TV1) are plummeting and online, on-demand content is fast growing in popularity when standard television in New Zealand has become the dumping ground for the content version of toxic waste.

Spend your (OUR!) money more wisely, TVNZ! This year’s “Tangiwai”, “The Almighty Johnsons”, “Rage” and the like have proved that, when pushed, you can screen good kiwi shows IN PRIME TIME. You are, after all, titled “Television NEW ZEALAND”, so please start acting like it.  

You can view Melenie’s full article here:




8:30pm Sunday, November 13 on TV One

The brand new batch of A-Listers continue to find their rhythm in the world’s glitziest, most glamorous entertainment show Dancing With The Stars US.

Under the watchful eyes of hosts Tom Bergeron and past winner Brooke Burke, each episode sees the celebrities attempting to cha cha, foxtrot and tango their way onto the leader board, and become a quick step closer to the grand finale.

Last week Chynna Phillips and her partner Tony, and J.R. Martinez and Karina tied in first place on the leader board for their Viennese waltzes. Ron Artest and partner Peta were sent to the bottom for their cha-cha-cha and were the first couple to be eliminated.

Tonight, the remaining 11 stars perform either the jive or quickstep.

Missed an episode of Dancing With The Stars US? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘On demand’.

TVNZ have pulled this weekend’s episodes of Dancing with the Stars US on TV One.

The American series will be replaced on Sunday night by Sunday Theatre: Black Balloon and on Monday night by Criminal Minds.

The first two episodes of the series didn’t do as well in the ratings as some may have been expecting.

When it was confirmed that Dancing with the Stars USA was coming to TV One alarm bells rang. After the first two episodes have screened, it appears my suspicions were correct.

Ratings show that on the previous week, the premier of Dancing with the Stars US had a rating of 6.6 in the 5+ category, up from 6.1. That is where the good news ends though.

In the key demographic of 25-54, the numbers plummeted from a 5.7 the week before, to a 3.4. Ouch!

On Monday night, things were even worse.  In the 5+, Dancing with the Stars rated a 5.0 compared to the 8.8 the week earlier while in that key 25-54 demo, almost half the audience had evaporated, down to 3.6 from 7.0.

TVNZ will not be happy with these numbers and if they don’t pick up next week, which I doubt anyone will realistically be expecting, Dancing with the Stars return to TV is going to be rather short lived.

8:30pm Sunday, November 6 on TV One

A brand new batch of A-listers find their rhythm in the New Zealand premiere of the world’s glitziest, most glamorous entertainment show, Dancing With The Stars US.

Under the watchful eyes of hosts Tom Bergeron and past winner Brooke Burke, Dancing With The Stars US welcomes back familiar judges Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, as they cast their critical gazes over more celebrities.

And with the likes of David Arquette, Kristen Cavallari, George Clooney’s ex Elisabetta Canalis, Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian and Ricki Lake among this year’s contestants the race is on to see who will quickstep their way to the glitterball trophy.

In tonight’s two hour premiere, competitors: Carson Kressley, Chaz Bono, Chynna Phillips, David Arquette, Elisabetta Canalis, Hope Solo, J R Martinez, Kristin Cavallari, Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian, Ron Artest and their pro-dancer partners will perform either the Viennese waltz or the cha cha cha.

Missed an episode of Dancing With The Stars US? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.