Dare to Win

Sunday 10 August, 7.30pm

This Sunday on TV2 another three teams take up the Dare To Win challenge, including ZM Night Show radio host, Mark Dye.

Host Dominic Bowden sets the first group of friends (led by Mary Webster) with the challenge of making a balloon parasol in less then three minutes. Having spent the week trying to turn six balloons into something that resembles a parasol, will one of them succeed on the night?
The second challenge is given to Brooke Tweedie, one of four flatmates from Auckland. Although the boys in the flat would love to have been chosen to race around Gran Tourismo’s London circuit, Brooke is the one for the task.

ZM’s Night Show host Mark Dye heads the final team of flatmates, who have been dared to play the National Anthem note perfect on the glockenspeil, guided only by a sheet of music. Mark was fairly confident with the task from the word go, but found mastering the anthem was slightly more challenging than first assumed.

“Although none of us had ever played the glockenspiel before it didn’t look like it was the most difficult instrument to learn. And in hindsight I was right – it was attempting to remember the order of the notes that was the difficult part,” explains Mark.

Not knowing who would be selected to complete the final task on the show, all the flatmates had to practice and master their performance.

“When Vlad was picked on the night I think we were all a little concerned because he had the least practise. Tracey, Sarah and I had pretty much memorised the song by Wednesday and could perform it correctly 75% of the time. However Vlad was away on business and didn’t get back to the flat until Tuesday, so there was pressure on him to learn quickly,” says Mark.

Were Mark’s team’s fears warranted for Vlad’s performance? Tune into TV2’s Dare To Win, Sunday 10 August at 7.30pm, to see if Vlad and the other contestants pull through!

Sunday 22 June, 7.30pm

Hosting TV2’s new show Dare To Win has been a challenge in itself for Dominic Bowden. He is used to fronting reality shows such as NZ Idol and The Next Great American Band where he knows the outcome before the contestants. But on Dare To Win, he is as surprised as everyone else.

“I’m just as interested in the outcome as the audience. You never know if the person is going to be able pull it off and complete the challenge,” he says.
Dare To Win sees families, flatmates, colleagues, or club members set challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and their group. Each group is visited by Dom who presents them with a list of prizes to choose from, and tells them the nature of the challenge.

Dom says the challenges can be physical or mental, but not bug eating or anything of the Fear Factor kind. A member of the family or group is chosen to learn the task, sometimes even the whole group have to learn it.

“They may sound easy, but they are so difficult, so hard,” says Dom who admits to trying most of the challenges so far. He explains how an expert teaches the person or group the challenge, but after that they have just one week to master the task. For that week the show follows their progress, catching the special moments of the learning process on cam diaries.

“The groups are made up of everyday people and accomplishing the challenge in front of a LIVE audience seems impossible at first – it’s like a really big mountain to climb. But as the week progresses you can see them getting the hang of it and they start to think maybe they can do it.”

Seven days later, the big moment occurs. The group is brought to the studio and in front of a LIVE audience they have their chance to complete the challenge and win the fabulous prizes they picked.

“You just can’t tell if they will pull it off – some give 100 per cent effort and can do it all week, but fail on the night, and then there are those who haven’t succeeded once, but nail it in front of the audience. They manage to pull it together when it counts.”

Dom says one of the greatest things about being back in New Zealand and hosting Dare To Win is working with a Kiwi cast and crew. “It’s great to come back from the USA and be reminded how capable New Zealand shows are. Putting the show together is such a team effort and everyone is so talented in their roles.”

Episode one sees three challenges including attempting to build and dismantle a pyramid of 36 glasses with strips of silk cloth between each layer; walk a ladder around a specially designed course, without putting a foot on the ground; and memorising and identifying a selection of 50 Star Wars characters.

Don’t miss tonight’s first episode of Dare To Win – Sunday 22 June at 7.30pm on TV2.

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Dare to Win is TVNZ’s latest Game Show hosted by Dominic Bowden. This is a television show where groups made up of families, friends, or colleagues accept challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and each of their group.

The group is visited by our host who presents them with a list of prizes to choose from, and also announces the nature of their challenge which will be either physical or mental. A member of the family or group is chosen by the host to learn a task, for example it could be stilt walking around a two-minute course, or memorising and then identifying all of the Harry Potter characters.

An expert is there to teach the person or group the challenge, but after that they have just one week to accomplish it. For that week we will follow their progress with the help of a home video camera to record special moments of the learning process.

Seven days later, the big moment occurs where the group is brought in to the studio and in front of a live audience they have their “Dare to Win” moment, with the chance to win the fabulous prizes they’ve chosen. It comes down to “all or nothing” on the night.

This is a fun-filled show – but the tension becomes electric as you get behind the contestants to win their challenge when they are before you, the Studio Audience.

The dates for this show are as follows:

Show 1: Thursday 29 May

Show 2: Saturday 31 May (Queen’s Birthday)

Show 3: Wednesday 4 June

Show 4: Friday 6 June

Show 5: Sunday 8 June

Show 6: Wednesday 11 June

Show 7: Friday 13 June

Show 8: Sunday 15 June.

Age Limit: 13 Years +

The venue is the Life Convention Centre, Montgomerie Road, Airport Oaks. Entry is at 6pm.

We would love to have you and your friends/family in the audience. There is no cost for the tickets. Please email me with the following information and I will post the tickets out to you:

  1. Date of Show you would like to attend
  2. How many tickets you need
  3. Postal address for me to send them to.

If you would like to be in the audience for Dare to Win please email audience@imaginationtv.co.nz for further information.