Days of Our Lives

days-of-our-livesThis may have been missed earlier in the week but there is some great news for Days of our Lives fans in New Zealand. After a short break, the American soap is back!

From Monday, the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of the citizens of Salem returned to New Zealanders’ screens – and all in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. Glossy, daring and unpredictable, this popular daytime soap is among the longest-running shows in the history of TV. Kiwi DOOL fans, or anyone who classes a good soap opera as a guilty pleasure, can now get their soapy fix when they want with online TV service Lightbox securing the latest and ongoing episodes. Continue reading »

days-of-our-livesChoice TV have announced that today’s episode of Days of our Lives marked the end of their initial run with the series.

Today’s episode of The Days of our Lives is our final for now. When we purchased the series we took a year’s worth of episodes and these have now run out. We need to evaluate how the series has worked for us and hope to have more news at a later date but just wanted to let you all know……

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Choice TV’s Days of Our Lives is about to set a new day time TV milestone in the US this week with the first same-sex wedding between two male characters, Sonny and Will.

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When Choice TV announced it was bringing back Days Of Our Lives many would have been pleased with this as it had been 3 years since TVNZ removed it and The Young & The Restless from our screens.

We were also promised, and this was mentioned on Throng and in TV Guide, that episodes were going to be 6 months behind America.

However, it emerged from the end credits of yesterday’s first episode back that we are viewing episodes from 2011, and not 6 months ago.

To further add to this I asked Choice TV, via Twitter, why they said 6 months behind America and they replied back that they meant to say 6 months behind Australia.

In checking the soap recaps at it seems that we are 18 months behind America’s screening

So would Choice TV like to explain why the public and myself have been told two different periods in time when the reality is that we are watching episodes that aired in America 18 months ago.

And just out of curiosity I’ve checked Nine’s website and they today aired episode no. 11709, that originally aired in America on November 4, 2011.

(Update: 7:05pm, 12/3/2013 – After talking with Choice TV on Twitter it is now my belief that in TV Guide and on Throng the mention of America may have been incorrect and that they meant to say Australia instead, which is only some 2 months ahead of NZ but is still airing material originally broadcast in America in 2011).

4A780DAC-2339-4886-B6A3-FBBEA330A1D1Here’s some much welcomed news for fans of Days of Our Lives

The fictitious town of Salem, U.S.A., and the dramatic events of the Horton, Brady and Reed families, their friends, neighbours and acquaintances on DAYS OF OUR LIVES will return to our TV screens after almost 3 years.

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Malin Akerman joins cast of Suburgatory

Malin Akerman has joined the cast of Suburgatory and will play Tessa’s (Jane Levy) “free-spirited, singer/songwriter” mother, Alex.

Lisa Rinna leaving Days Of Our Lives…again

Lisa Rinna, who returned to Days Of Our Lives in March, after originally leaving in 2005, has decided to leave the show again, this time to pursue a talk show career. Continue reading »

It’s been surrounded by protest and petition but the passionate fans of American soap Days of our Lives have been unable to convince the broadcaster to keep the show on the air.

Tomorrow in parliament, Labour’s MP for Christchurch Central, Brendon Burns, will move to acknowledge the end of the show in New Zealand and recognise the fans who have tried to save it.


BRENDON BURNS to move, That this House note the final screening on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 on TV1, of Days of Our Lives, a “soap” aired over 30 years with 40,000-plus viewers, and the great disappointment felt by the faithful followers of this programme.


Today saw the final episode of Days Of Our Lives on New Zealand screens with not even a mention that today’s episode was the final.

Viewers will, no doubt, come back on Friday to discover the programme has left our screens as tomorrow’s afternoon lineup will be dedicated to the Budget.

Sunday News reports that the Days of Our Lives and The Young & The Restless are going to be removed by TVNZ after declining ratings. They will end in October.

“We have decided that although there ar many viewers who remain faithful fans, there are also many who would appreciate something fresh after such a long time” TVNZ publicity manager Katherine Klouwens was reported as saying.

TVNZ have not confirmed replacement shows but are “curretnly considering which replacement programmes we will select from a catalogue of shows available to us” Klouwens said.

With the tragic news that a keeper at the Zion Wildlife park in Northland was fatally mauled by a tiger yesterday, it made me realise that an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives to be screened next week (on Monday June 1 and Tuesday June 2 I think) depicts a tiger mauling the character of Tony DiMera at the Horton Fundraiser circus.

This episode screened in the US in January 2004 and since New Zealand is more than five years behind we are only seeing that episode now.

Ironically, episodes of The Young and the Restless screened in New Zealand last week (originally screened in the US in Febuary 2005) saw the character of Devon Hamilton being threatened by a Lion after breaking into a Zoo.