Dead Art

Wednesdays from 18 March, 8.00pm on ARTS CHANNEL

In this provocative and edgy series, we visit some of the world’s most interesting and visually compelling cemeteries, uncovering fascinating stories, curious angles, quirky traits, and, first and foremost – artistic appeal. The gate is made of gleaming marble; so shiny it reflects the canopy of lush trees above. Just beyond the entrance there is a famous work of art, and next to that, the home of a celebrated poet. The architecture is spectacular, the views to die for, and the roster of residents exceptional. But this is no trendy city neighbourhood or upscale co-op building. Instead, we are at the edge of a strange but beautiful place, about to enter a gated community – one that requires a death certificate from all residents. The cemetery, for all its creepiness and mystery, is actually a fascinating place to uncover incredible art, surprising architectural finds, and a rich and varied history. Dead Art is hosted by Dee Snider, the lead singer of heavy metal band Twisted Sister.