Deal or No Deal

Yesterday, TV 3 aired a story about complaints that were flooding into the switch board. Throng has learnt that only seven calls have been logged that made reference to anyone being unhappy about the model’s dresses since the show aired.

There is plenty of discussion happening here on throng as well as on Trade Me and on Damian Christie’s Blog at Public Address about the show and whether or not it is simply a media beat up by the network to drive ratings.

There’s an interesting entry today on Damian Christie’s blog about how TV 3 used its news to promote its own show Deal or No Deal by focusing on complaints about low-cut dresses. Christie says he used to work for TVNZ and read a lot of logs for when callers phioned in, usually with complaints, so he knows how the system works.

Christie said:

The call logs make for great reading and are a real peek into the psyche of Joe and Jane Complainant. “I don’t like Judy Bailey’s hair tonight”, or “Don’t you know the weather presenter’s arse is blocking the Chatham Islands?” and other items of great import. Compliments too, but needless to say, most people only call to offer brickbats rather than bouquets.

But as a general rule, such complaints do not make news. When is it ever in the broadcaster’s interest to run a news story about how a given programme has been getting complaints?

Answer: When the complaints relate to gratuitious cleavage.

If the broadcaster were being a leedle more honest, the news story would have gone like this:

Did ya see all the tits on that new game show of ours last night?! Did ya? No? Well here’s a taste of what you’ll get if you tune in next week. Pretty choice eh!

In case you missed it. That’s Deal or No Deal, Wednesday, 8.30 on 3. Tony Field, 3 News.

Someone posted a response about how TV One’s news is shamelessly promoting their coverage of The America’s Cup.

Russell Brown also added a comment saying:

Without wishing to piss in your pocket Damian, One’s news and current affairs services increasingly look like the sensible option. I’m not sure what they’re thinking at 3 right now.

OTOH, how many damn cameras did One have at the funeral of that nice lady from South Auckland this week? Was she Prime Minister or something?

There are other posts complaining about both TV3 and TV One’s news coverage. Someone complained about TVNZ’s news endless promotion of Dancing with the Stars – tho without the sexual titilation

The makers of a new TV game show are defending it in the face of allegations it is sexist and old-fashioned.

The complaints have been flooding in since last night’s episode of ‘Deal or No Deal’ on TV3.

What upset some viewers was the low-cut dresses worn by the models on the show.


TV3 says they are happy with the show and won’t be making any changes.

Based on last week’s ratings, the premiere episode of the Kiwi version of Deal or No Deal would be TV3’s third most popular show after CSI and House.

The international format game show drew in approximately 405,000 viewers and an audience share of 26.9% giving long time favourite Fair Go a run for its money.

The audience consistently built throughout the hour long show, which ended in the first contestant taking home a healthy prize.

What’s the code you text into for Deal Or No Deal?

“Hi – let me introduce myself… I’m the banker for Deal Or No Deal. …You can call me ‘Sir’.

Some may think I’m ruthless, some may think I’m a harsh, some may even say stingy… but hey – I’ve got a job to do!

Each week I’ll post comment on the past show, so be sure to come back regularly… I want to know what you think of me!”

Visit to read the Deal or No Deal Banker’s blog!

Episode 01
Screened 6-Jun-2007

Tonight Jeremy introduces Kate Mulligan who is excited about getting her chance to play Deal or No Deal. Kate’s a self-professed non-boring accountant with a passion for South America. Kate would like to win enough to spend a year in South America with her boyfriend; shopping, learning Spanish and dancing the Tango.

On the supporters’ couch are Kate’s dad Kevin who is a keen watcher of Deal in Australia and has flown over to offer help from the side lines. Dad confesses to being a gambler and he has a lot of advice for his daughter. With him are Chris, Kate’s boyfriend and Jackie her best friend.

“Unlucky for some, but because so many people think it’s unlucky I feel a bit sorry for it”, is her reason for picking her case no. 13.

Kate has a great game. While she knocks out the $50,000 and the Suzuki SX4 early on she managers to keep the top two in play during vital rounds successfully driving the banker up every time. She suffers the harshest blow though when in the 3 case round she knocks out the $200,000. The banker’s offer drops but Kate remains undaunted if nervous and decides to play on. She says “it’s only an hour but it’s a stressful hour.”

Her courage is rewarded when with five cases to open and the $100,000 still in play the banker anxious to get rid of Kate offers her $21,100. Jeremy confesses the banker uses a rude word. Kate doesn’t want to get greedy. She knows the money will go along way towards making her dreams become a reality. She takes the deal. And when her case, no. 13 is opened and reveals the $20,000 she knows she made a great deal.

Visit to play the online game version of Deal or No Deal!

P.S. This is NOT the place to apply to be a Deal contestant, for that you will need to keep an eye on

The phonecall, the silhouette banker, the supporters at the side, the girls opening the cases are all featured in the US version (which the NZ version is based on), and I think using these works a lot better than copying the Australian show.

I thought this version was pretty good, a lot better than the Australian one. The music was way cooler, the graphics were flasher, the girls weren’t wearing tacky wigs so didn’t look like alien clones, and the viewers at home were given the chance to win money – not just a bunch of nervous people guessing on a podium.

The only thing I like better about the Australian version is that the contestants actually say “Deal” or “No Deal” when they have made their decision, rather than just shutting a lid.

Overall, I think the New Zealand version is better than the Australian one. Give it time to find it’s feet, the Aussie one has changed and improved a lot over the seasons as well.