Death by speeding

Advertising sure is “Television Highlights” today with comedy all but gone. For example I flicked on to TV2 last night (Friday) 8:05pm and saw the annal system with work in progress.

Take the latest “Don’t drink and drive” advertisements (I think it is “Don’t drink and drive” I always check out what else the TV can offer) That is the one were the driver runs off the road and kills his friend. In fact I am sure it is a drink and drive advertisements as the driver looks very sober to me. Then he gets upset because his dead friend is staring at him

It is obvious, whoever is putting on this stuff has lost the plot, the previous version never changed the system, I don’t think this latest batch will fix it either, it is enough to make you turn off your TV and go out and drink-drive-kill.

If it was me working for the police to come up with advertising for TV, I would approach the problem from a completely different angle, like doing a profile on the type of person who goes out a drink drives as a loser.

Then I would say that any group of people who go out and drink then drive as their night time entertainment must surly have the combined IQ of about 50.

A few cans short of six pack,

A few clowns short of a circus,

A rugby team without balls.