Death Row Diaries

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Tuesdays from 7 July, 9.30pm

Throughout America’s maximum-security prisons sit hundreds of men and women on death row. All convicted of murder they face the death penalty. They sit and wait to die. Death Row Diaries takes an in-depth look behind some of the most compelling crime stories in America. Sentenced to death, those convicted reveal their secrets, motives and feelings about the crimes in their own words. Relatives of both the victims and convicted criminals give their thoughts on the crime and re-enactments reveal the chilling reality of what happened. Each prisoner has a different story to tell. Some are full of remorse. Others are full of bravado. Inevitably there are also claims of innocence. Many of the killers themselves come from families where they were abused and neglected. While society has decided not to forgive or forget, many of the death row inmates have come to terms with the consequences of their crimes and are ready to face the ultimate penalty. A sample case is the Christa Pike Story.