Dermot’s Secret Garden

LIVING – Sundays from 18 September, 4.30pm

Dermot O’Neil is on a drive towards self-sufficiency – this is his dream, his passion or some might say madness! After losing his home and nearly all his money, he buys Clondeglass Walled Garden with what he has left. The problem is that the cottage and accompanying garden are in ruin. Taking on the restoration of a derelict nineteenth century property is a lot of work for one person with little or no money. He wants to live ‘the simple life’ and growing his own food will be central to this transformation. But now, when times are tough, he’s returning to old fashioned gardening – of growing from seed, of dividing plants, of giving things time to grow, of learning to be patient again. He will also be breeding animals for his dinner table. During the beginning of this project Dermot was diagnosed with cancer but he chooses to continue with his mission. However he now has the extra task of battling to survive and restoring his health.