Derren Brown Investigates

9:35pm Wednesday, January 9 on Prime


The Man Who Contacts The Dead

In this encore screening, Derren Brown travels to Liverpool to investigate the world of Joe Power, a psychic medium who claims he can communicate with the dead. Joe alleges that one of the many he’s made contact with, is Liverpool’s own, John Lennon. In today’s Britain, many people turn to psychics for comfort but anyone can be a medium without having a licence, they just have to show that they can communicate with the dead. The claims that Joe Power makes are large scale and quite serious. Derren hopes to be blown away by Joe and experience firsthand all that he can’t explain on this extraordinary, unexpected and a little bit argumentative journey…

9:50pm Wednesday, December 26 on Prime


Derren Brown is on the road investigating the truth behind some peoples’ extraordinary claims. In this episode he investigates the world of Lou Gentile, a top American ghost hunter who for the last 20 years has been helping the haunted and possessed of America. He believes he can photograph and take recorded messages from ghosts and that the power of ghosts can even kill you. Derren has always claimed he does not have paranormal powers but instead uses magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship in his work. However, Lou publically claims that he has evidence to support the existence of the paranormal. Derren Brown goes on a surprising, truly bizarre and disturbing journey to find out if things really do go bump in the night…