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Derren Brown: Séance
Monday 4 June, 9.35pm

Psychological illusionist Derren Brown returns to the TV screen with a controversial new one-hour entertainment special, ‘Derren Brown: Séance’ (tonight at 9.35pm on TV ONE). In a unique experiment, Brown brings together 12 members of the public to re-create a séance inside an empty hall in London.

The show sees the 12 volunteers using a range of traditional methods – from automatic writing, to the spirit cabinet, to the Ouija board. Brown guides them through the various stages of a séance, using his skills and showmanship to challenge some of the most prevalent myths of spiritualism and test how effective a séance can be with a modern audience. Viewers at home will have the chance to join in too, as Brown demonstrates how to perform these ‘spirit-contacting’ methods at home.
The Fox sisters in New York were among the earliest mediums. Their claim that spirits in their house could answer questions by making knocking noises was widely believed and they had a huge following, which included Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Others were sceptical, though, and eventually Margaret Fox admitted that the noises had been a trick.

Despite being exposed as a lie and condemned by many, including the great early 20th-century illusionist Harry Houdini, spiritualism still has many adherents. The UK’s most famous medium, Doris Stokes, who died in 1987, rigged huge public performances featuring so-called revelations about clients she secretly knew already.

Brown says: “I’m very sceptical of spiritualism…it often exploits people at their most vulnerable, such as the recently bereaved, who are desperate to contact those they have lost. They are being conned by acts that are both powerful and intriguing. One way of demonstrating a more analytical, psychological approach is by having people try a couple of things themselves at home.”

He adds: “I hope it will be compelling viewing. I have no idea if people will find it shocking, or just funny, or interesting, a worthwhile experiment or offensive. We shall have to see.”

Don’t miss ‘Derren Brown: Séance’ on TV ONE, Monday 4 June at 9.35pm.

Monday 4 June 9.30pm,

In a unique experiment, psychological illusionist Derren Brown brings together 12 members of the public to recreate a seance, using his skills and showmanship to challenge some of the most prevalent myths of spiritualism.