Design For Life

LIVING CHANNEL – Fridays from 8 January, 9pm

Designer and creator Philippe Starck is on the hunt to find the country’s most promising new designer… and he’s heading up a new design school in Paris to train them. From nationwide open auditions, 12 aspiring designers are chosen to attend Starck’s School of Design – a unique hothouse for talent. Here, they begin their work as students under the watchful eye of design genius Starck. Their ultimate goal: to turn their design ideas into real products, and win a six month contract to work with Starck himself. In each episode, the students are trained in a different aspect of the design process, from the first sparks of creative thinking through to modelling and testing, to manufacture and launch. Along the way, they are given a variety of assignments by Starck to challenge their vision, talent, and ambition. Each assignment comes with the opportunity to experiment with concepts and materials and helps create prototype objects that may well be the next ‘must have’ products of this century. But Starck has exacting standards, and not everyone will make the grade. Some cherished ideas will be unceremoniously dumped and the weakest students will be dropped… until only two remain. With their products refined into working prototypes, whose design will make the cut?