Design Inc

LIVING CHANNEL – Wednesday 23 December, 9.30pm

Sarah Richardson and the Design Inc team take on one of their toughest jobs yet – they must fully make over a couple’s house in just four weeks, in time for a Christmas cocktail party. The couple want their home to be festive, but still workable for the rest of the year. To add to the challenge, the Design Inc team are also shouldering the responsibility of organising the party and are determined to make it a Christmas do to remember!

All New Episodes: Design Inc
Living Channel – Wednesdays from 2 May, 9.00pm

Sarah Richardson returns with Design Inc., a series that reveals the inner workings of a bustling interior design firm. Witness first client meetings, the point-of-no-return swing of the sledgehammer and the finishing touches, as each episode follows the story of a room that evolves into a stunning new space.