VIBE – Weeknights from 1 October, 7.30pm

In the all new and alluring series, two brothers on the run from the mafia find themselves caught in a heated battle of passion and deceit over the woman they both love.

Alex (Zack Silva) and Louis Thomas (Nate Haden) flee to California with their mother, Rita (Eliana Alexander) when mob boss Joey Gamarra (Chris DeRose) comes looking for retribution, after catching Louis in bed with his daughter Cara (Kelly Albanese).

Here, Alex and Louis meet the endearing Andrea Zavatti (Michelle Belegrin), the beautiful daughter of a wealthy restaurateur with a sordid past of her own, who quickly becomes the object of affection for both of the Thomas brothers.

Packed with intrigue and excitement, Desire chronicles the tragic destruction of a family and unravels the bond of brotherhood in a love story marked by betrayal and murder.