Desperate Housewives

DH creator working on new show

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has begun work on a new show for ABC called Devious Maids. The series is an adaptation of a Mexican show called The Disorderly Maids of the Neighbourhood.

Stewart to guest on Community

Former 3rd Rock from the Sun actor French Stewart has signed up for a guest role on Community. The actor will play a character who works as a celebrity impersonator who often poses as French Stewart.

Happy Days cast suffer setback

The cast of Happy Days has suffered a setback in their $10m lawsuit against CBS to compensate them for years of merchandising using their likeness. The judge has thrown out a key claim by the group regarding money garnered from slot machines featuring their faces and other consumer products.

Driver to feature in new series

Minnie Driver looks to be featuring in a new show for the ABC network after signing a talent deal with the network. ABC will now find a suitable project for her to star in.

Kutcher plugs companies on Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher has caused a bit of a stir in his second episode on Two and a Half Men thanks to a bunch of stickers on his character’s laptop. The stickers were for companies in which Kutcher himself has a stake and CBS apparently had no idea.

Fey and Longoria highest-paid actresses

Tina Fey and Eva Longoria have been named TV’s highest-paid actresses. The pair are said to have earned $13 million each between May 2010 and May 2011.

Director developing new series

Easy A and Friends With Benefits director Will Gluck is working on a new comedy for the Fox network. The show is described as a “family comedy” that will examine relationships with neighbours and the “American Dream”.

Monk returning to Grey’s

Reports are suggesting that actress Debra Monk will reprise her role in Grey’s Anatomy. The actress, who plays the mother of George, was last seen on the show in 2009.

HBO releases Luck trailer

HBO has released a trailer for its new horse-racing drama series Luck that features Dustin Hoffman and director Michael Mann.

Desperate Housewives debuts to record low audience

The US premiere of the final season of Desperate Housewives has debuted to the show’s lowest-ever premiere ratings. The episode was watched by only 9.8 million, down 3 million on last year.

Three actors returning to One Tree Hill

Three more actors have signed up to return for the final season of One Tree Hill. Allison Munn, Scott Holroyd and Devin McGee will all reprise their roles on the ninth and final season of the teen drama.

Sheen describes Kutcher’s debut as “terrific”

Charlie Sheen has described his Two and a Half Men replacement Ashton Kutcher as “terrific” on the sitcom. “It was a big night for everybody on Monday night – for Two and a Half [Men], for us, for me… I think everybody won. I thought the show was really good. I thought [Kutcher] was terrific,” Sheen told Access Hollywood.

Kutcher’s Men debut draws 27.8m

Ashton Kutcher’s debut on Two and a Half Men in the US drew a massive 27.8 million viewers for CBS. The figure is around double the usual audience for past episodes of the sitcom.

Sheen Roast sets Comedy Central record

The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen has also drawn big ratings for Comedy Central, with 6.4 million viewers tuning in. The audience is roughly double what the previous roasts for David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump drew.

BBC suing Italian network

The BBC is suing an Italian TV channel owned by Silvio Berlusconi over what they believe to be a rip-off of Strictly Come Dancing. The BBC believe the rival show, entitled Baila!, will infringe its copyright for the Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing format.

Drea de Matteo to guest on CSI: Miami

Actress Drea de Matteo has signed up for a guest role on CSI: Miami. De Matteo has had lead role son the likes of The Sopranos, Desperate Housewives and Sons of Anarchy.

New Zealand actor Charles Mesure will be a part of the final season of Desperate Housewives.

The British-born actor, who last year starred in the TV One drama This Is Not My Life, will play the role of a ruthless Australian real estate agent called Ben.

Current DH actor James Denton, who plays Mike Delfino, said Mesure’s character would drive the season’s key mystery.

“He’s going to be there all year and he’s doing some shady stuff. I know he and Delfino have a lot of good scenes together early on, so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes,” Denton said.

“[Mesure] is a great guy. A really nice fellow and a heck of an actor.” 

The final season will screen in New Zealand next year.

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New Boardwalk Empire trailer

A new Boardwalk Empire season two trailer has been released based solely around Steve Buscemi’s character Nucky Thompson.

Actress returning to Desperate Housewives

Sarah Paulson will return to Desperate Housewives for its final season to reprise her role as Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) sister Lydia. The actress first played the role in 2007.

Sherlock filming halted by riots

The rioting in London has halted the filming of the second season of Sherlock in the capital. Co-creator Mark Gatiss confirmed that a location shoot was stopped after the crew were approached by looters.

Bewitched returning

Popular ‘60s and ‘70s sitcom Bewitched is set to be remade by the CBS network in the US. The series will be overseen by the two producers who worked on the 2005 Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman movie of the same name.

Kutcher highest-paid on TV

Ashton Kutcher has shot straight to the top of the moneymaking list for TV actors with his salary of $700,000 for every episode of Two and a Half Men. He joins House’s Hugh Laurie as one of the biggest earners on TV.

Vampire Diaries wins at Teen Choice Awards

The Vampire Diaries has proved the big winner at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, claiming five awards in the TV categories. Glee, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars were also popular with voters.

Sheen says sacking saved his career

Charlie Sheen insists that his sacking from Two and a Half Men has saved his career. Sheen told TMZ: “I have always been told that I have nine lives, so it is going to be amazing to witness my own funeral, which is clearly a win-win situation because Ashton has just given me a tenth.”

Sheridan not returning to DH

Former Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan has confirmed that she won’t be returning to the drama series for its final season next year. “I had an amazing time playing that character. I loved her dearly, but they killed her! She’s dead.”

DH producers want Delany back

Meanwhile, Dana Delany says producers of Desperate Housewives are looking to bring her back to the series in order to wrap up her storyline. 

Tyler seeking Idol payrise

Steven Tyler is reportedly seeking a pay rise on American Idol due to the fact Jennifer Lopez is negotiating a new deal worth about $20 million. Tyler however has already signed a two-year deal.

Desperate Housewives to end next year

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has confirmed that the series will end next year. Cherry says the drama series will conclude after its eighth season.

Wilde to have minimal role in House

House creator David Shore has confirmed that actress Olivia Wilde will play a minimal role in the eighth season of the medical drama. Wilde, who plays Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley, had a limited role in the seventh season also due to film commitments.

Lawrence close to TV return

Martin Lawrence is reportedly close to landing a starring role in a new sitcom for CBS in the US. The comedian made a name for himself on the small screen in the ‘80s sitcom What’s Happening Now!!.

Brandy to guest on 90210

R&B musician Brandy has landed a major arc in the fourth season of 90210. The singer recently made a guest appearance in Drop Dead Diva.

Awards for Modern Family, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights

Modern Family, Friday Night Lights and Mad Men were the big winners at the recent Television Critics Association Awards held over the weekend in LA. Modern Family won the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Comedy’ award while Mad Men claimed the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Drama’ title. Friday Night Lights was named ‘Programme of the Year’.

8:30pm Monday July 11 on TV2

A dinner party thrown to celebrate Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) move back onto Wisteria Lane leads to a murder in Desperate Housewives this week, in part one of a dramatic two-part season finale.

After being placed under arrest for allegedly poisoning Paul (Mark Moses), Susan must convince the police that she was being framed for the deed by Felicia (Harriet Sanson).

Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) is stunned to learn the identity of the mysterious man who has been stalking her.

Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom (Doug Savant) attempt to put the spark back into their marriage by spending a few days alone together at a romantic B&B.

Bree (Marcia Cross) begins to suspect that her new boyfriend may be gay, and Renee (Vanessa Williams) is devastated when she learns that her ex-husband is getting re-married.

Missed an episode of Desperate Housewives? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

8:30pm Monday, July 4 on TV2

There’s more drama on Wisteria Lane this week in TV2’s hit show Desperate Housewives.

Paul (Mark Moses) begins to suspect that Susan (Teri Hatcher) is responsible for his rapidly declining health, and Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom (Doug Savant) butt heads over where to go on their family vacation, as well as which one of them will set it up.

Meanwhile, Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) shows Juanita a horror movie and has to pay the price when her daughter becomes too scared to sleep in her own bed and Bree runs into some trust issues when she goes out on a date with a detective.

Missed an episode of Desperate Housewives? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.