Desperate Romantics

UKTV – Wednesdays from 17 March, 8.30pm

UKTV has a new addition to our Wednesdays are Wicked line up, Desperate Romantics. This exciting new six-part drama follows the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood – the men who blew the art world apart.

Set in the throbbing heart of 19th-century industrial London, Desperate Romantics follows the adventures of three men who created what would become one of Britain’s most important art movements: the self-styled “Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood”.

Amidst a backdrop of alleys, galleries and flesh-houses of 19th-century industrial London, Desperate Romantics follows the life and love affairs of this group of revolutionary artists, as well-known for their intertwining love lives as for their ground-breaking paintings.

The scandalous love triangles with their models became the subject of much gossip among their contemporaries, particularly as these relationships often crossed the class barriers of polite Victorian society.

This colourful drama from BBC Drama Production is written by award-winning writer Peter Bowker (Blackpool, Occupation).

Starring: Aidan Turner (Being Human, The Clinic), Rafe Spall (A Room With A View, Hot Fuzz), Tom Hollander (John Adams, Pride And Prejudice), Samuel Barnett (Beautiful People, The History Boys), Zoe Tapper (Survivors, Demons), Amy Manson (Torchwood) and Jennie Jacques (The Bill).