Desperately Seeking Sheila

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Mondays from 8 September, 8.30pm

With three men to every woman in the Australian outback, bush bachelors are having a tough time trying to find a Sheila to settle down with. Western Australia is the largest of the country’s territories, covering two and a half million square kilometres of deserts, rainforests and stunning agricultural landscapes. The total population is only 1.9 million, and the future of the outback population and prosperity is reliant on people choosing to live, work and raise families in the rural towns and villages across the vast state. But for four single Australian guys, the feminine famine is hopefully over. Desperately Seeking Sheila follows the journey of twelve single British girls as they fly over to Perth, Western Australia, to compete for the affections of four bush bachelors.Some twelve hundred British girls auditioned for the chance to travel to Perth and meet four eligible bush bachelors. They chose which bachelor they wanted to consider them after seeing a picture of each one. They then recorded a ‘pick me’ plea for their chosen man. The bachelors viewed the footage and whittled it down to the three women that they each wanted to meet. Then each one had just one weekend of dates at a luxury resort in Perth to choose the lucky lady that he would like to take home to spend three weeks with and maybe persuade to stay for good! Among the bachelors is Ashley Lewis, a 38-year-old millionaire farmer who inherited his 4000-acre wheat and sheep farm when he was 24 years old. He still lives with mum Doreen, who cooks his dinner every evening and he sleeps in the same single bed he grew up in. Ashley is looking for a Sheila to fit in with his way of life on the farm, “doing the jobs he doesn’t want to do”, he says. Eagerly vying for his affections are three women: Attractive brunette, Nicola, a 26 year old PR executive, Blonde Debbie, a 35 year old fitness instructor Blonde and bubbly social worker Katrina, 29.The other bachelors are 27-year-old Ian Nenke, a yabby farmer from a devout Catholic family; 38-year-old Kenton Day, who runs a backpacker’s hostel and 21-year-old Trevor King, who works as a fisherman on a beautiful island off the Indian Ocean and lives in a tin shack. How will the bachelors choose their Sheila? Will it be on looks, personality, or who would be a suitable wife? And how will the chosen Sheilas fare in the driest expanse in Australia, living a lifestyle completely different to anything they’ve ever experienced before?