Diana: Last Days of a Princess

Diana: Last Days Of A Princess
Saturday 1 September, 10.35pm

August 1997: Princess Diana is once more dominating headlines. Embracing romance and basking in luxury, her jet-set lifestyle is the stuff of fantasies. One year after her divorce from Prince Charles, she is living life to the full, under the constant glare of publicity, in the company of Dodi Al Fayed. As the paparazzi chase the promise of instant riches, Diana seeks an elusive sense of freedom. She has finally regained some control of her life and has an optimistic plan for her future – to escape the parochial concerns of the court of Queen Elizabeth and become a ‘princess for the world’. Tragically, one night in Paris, events spiral out of control.

Ten years after the fatal crash that stunned the world, ‘Diana: Last Day Of A Princess’ uses interviews and drama to capture for the first time the final days of one of the 20th-century’s greatest icons (tonight at 10.35pm on TV ONE).
Director Richard Dale says, “the sudden, tragic death of Diana, in August 1997 was, for my generation, our John F. Kennedy moment. Millions today recall where they were when they heard the almost unbelievable news coming from Paris – that the most famous woman in the world was dead.

He believes such was her fame that, for many, it seemed impossible she should be gone – “and 10 years on, it is her unrivalled role as a style and social icon, surpassing even the likes of Monroe, Garbo and Dietrich, that will make the anniversary of that late summer night resonate around the world.”

‘Diana: Last Days Of A Princess’ was made to mark this anniversary. Dale says it is a meticulously researched portrayal of Diana’s final summer, using a cinematic approach to drama. In 1997 Diana appeared to reclaim some control of her life, he says, “it is this new emotional drive, with its tragic pathos that provides the guiding force for [‘Diana: Last Days Of A Princess’]. Filmed interviews with friends and acquaintances sit alongside the testimony of those who were there at the time. We have also had access to key people who, while declining to face a camera, have given vital clues to some of Diana’s enduring ambiguities.

“The method was to first secure the documentary element of the film, then use this to enrich the dramatic recreations of her life,” he says.

Tonight, ‘Diana: Last Days Of A Princess’ sees a cinematic portrayal of Diana’s last summer. It moves beyond tales of secret agents and conspiracies to reveal the motives, the men and the mysterious secrets of her unconventional behaviour. Every dramatic scene is underpinned by meticulous research, including the Metropolitan Police report and an array of interviews with those close to the princess.