4 August

Monday 4 August, 10.30pm

Courteney Cox (Friends) returns for a second season of Dirt, starring as Lucy Spiller, the hard-driving Editor-In-Chief of a tabloid magazine.

Lucy has a maniacal dedication to finding the truth, for reasons even she has yet to fully fathom. With the help of Don Konkey (Ian Hart), a schizophrenic paparazzo blessed with a genius for getting the money shot, Lucy exposes the hidden truth behind celebrity lives – and also determines their fate.
Since her days as Monica on Friends Cox has had her fair share of run-ins with the paparazzi. “When I was pregnant, I was harassed by the paparazzi because they are completely obsessed with babies. I got into major fight-or-flight mode. My hormones were raging, I couldn’t get calm, and I did stupid things. They were chasing me from the front, the back, the side, and I tried to outrun them. It was terrible.”

But since starring in Dirt she believes the tabloid editors have changed their attitude towards her. “I think the paparazzi has been nicer to me. I think they like the show, so there’s a little more camaraderie.”

Cox says although viewers may think they recognise story lines as similar to lives of current celebrities, the show is fictional. “There are stories about the ‘Hollywood Girls’ — it doesn’t mean we’re talking about Paris and Nicole, who are actually two nice girls. We are not trying to take anyone down.”

The season premiere sees Lucy Spiller return to Dirt Now magazine to reclaim her position as ‘Tabloid Queen’, after surviving her violent attack. Don begins to experience life on medication, while a chance encounter between Lucy and a young pop star results in a surprising opportunity. Lucy digs for truth about a famous heiress about to have a baby.



Has anyone else been watching Dirt, starring Courtney Cox? It screens on TV2 at 10:30pm on Monday nights (after Men in Trees) and two episodes have screened so far. The first season has finished screening in the US and a second season has been confirmed too.

The main characters so far are:

Lucy (Courtney Cox) – chief tabloid editor
Don – photographer who suffers from schizophrenia, obsessed with cats
Holt – celeb who’s secretly dishing dirt to Lucy
Julia – celeb dating Holt

It’s far from Friends and the magazine workplace of Ugly Betty and yet there’s bits in there which seem so eclectic that I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

The show is quite dark and somber in places, leaving you wishing there was a Friends laugh track to make things lighter. There’s also very odd and random scenes with Don imagining things (when he’s not taking his medications) or spending time with his cat with weird camera angles and colours. It’s a very oddly put together drama that left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth both times that I’m not sure I’ll tune in again

The show got a lot of publicity for “the kiss” between Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in the season finale but not so much good press for the rest of the season.

Monday May 14, 10.30pm

Starring Courtney Cox, Dirt is an edgy new drama that exposes the truth behind Hollywood glitz and glamour through two tabloid gossip magazines run by the ruthless Lucy Spiller.

Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox) is the powerful editor-in-chief of celebrity tabloid magazines, Drrt and Now. A genius at the art of manipulation, Lucy possesses a maniacal dedication to exposing the truth about Hollywood’s luminaries, for reasons even she has yet to fully fathom. Lucy is intelligent, determined and bloodthirsty, and will go to any lengths to get the “dirt” on a celebrity she has targeted. By her side is schizophrenic steadfast photographer Don Konkey (Ian Hart). Don provides exclusive and shocking pictures of the rich and famous for Lucy’s magazines, where he helps to shatter the glossy and perfect veneer created by Hollywood by making the images available on newsstands every week.

The premise of Dirt is a topic Courtney knows all too well about, having been in the spotlight throughout her Friends career. However, she is quick to reject the idea that this series is her revenge on the media. “I don’t feel the show is getting back at anyone. Everyone takes a hit in it,” she says. “When I was pregnant with Coco, I was hounded by the paparazzi because they’re so fascinated with celebrity babies and pregnancies. They were relentless. It’s invasive, yes, but I’m kind of torn on the issue. I don’t read celebrity magazines but I do look at the pictures to see what people are wearing. So I get the fascination with stars.”

Courtney not only stars in, but is also executive producing the show under her production company Coquette, which was established in 2004 with her husband David Arquette. Having being such magazine fodder herself, Courtney has some inside stories that she has introduced to the show. “Well, one friend of mine was on her honeymoon, and a photographer literally dug himself into a hole — I called it a grave — and covered himself and took pictures. We used that in the opening shots,” Cox says.

In tonight’s first episode of Dirt, viewers are introduced to Lucy’s world and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Lucy lands a new source, struggling actor Holt McLaren, who plans to trade tips on his movie-star girlfriend, Julia Mallory, for good press. What none of them yet realise is that the truth can extract a heavy price on those who exploit it.

Dirt screens on Monday nights, 10.30pm, on TV2.



Starts Monday 14 May 10.30pm,

In this new series, Courteney Cox stars as ruthless tabloid editor Lucy Spiller, who uses threats and manipulation to dig up dirt on celebrities, aided by a resourceful paparazzo.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are said to kiss on-screen in Courtney’s new show, Dirt. If true, the episode will boost the show’s meager ratings and become one of the biggest TV moments in 2007.

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Jennifer Aniston will make a guest appearance on her best friend Courtney Cox’s show Dirt. Cox plays the editor of a weekly celebrity magazine in Dirt and is excited about Aniston guest starring.

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Courtney Cox is set to star as Lucy Spiller in the new drama “Dirt”, her first major TV role since playing Monica in Friends. The pilot airs from January 2nd in the US.

Lucy is the editor-in-chief of two popular tabloid magazines and controls the fate of the celebs. Rather ironic, don’t you think?


“the show falls thuddingly flat, feeling tired, gratuitous in its dirty doings and a trifle narcissistic…the show itself is all flash and no substance…”Dirt” isn’t merely trashy; it’s just plain disposable.

The show also stars Ian Hart as Don and Jeffrey Nordling as Alexander Brown.

Courteney and her husband David Arquette are executive producers.