Dirty Cows

Take 10 perfectly manicured girls, one cold and lofty South West England barn, add a handsome, rich young farmer looking for love and you’ve got the recipe for a great life changing story on 3’s new reality series Dirty Cows, premiering Friday, February, 8th at 9pm.

Waving goodbye to their perfectly manicured nails, Prada handbags and Gucci sunglasses, the Dirty Cows will leave their swanky London lives looking for love, and for a taste of the simple life.

Over the season, guided by the eccentric Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, the girls will be knee deep in manure, be chased by turkeys and hounded at the barn dance. All in a bid to fight off stiff competition from their ruthless rivals and win the heart of the local farmer.

From day one on the farm, the girls will be thrown in quite literally at the deep end when, donning their waders, they’re introduced to salmon fishing – but who will sink and who will swim?

Physically, mentally and emotionally the girls will be challenged on every level, wrestling with and shearing sheep, dairy farming and even tractor driving. The stakes are high and the girls have everything to play for in this survival of the fittest.

Each week, Alexy, our handsome farmer, will choose one of the girls to go on a date with, where they can get to know each other one on one.

However the path of true love has never run smoothly and with inevitable cat fights and sulky strops, it’s a hilarious rollercoaster journey through tears, tantrums and bittersweet successes as the girls overcome their fears.

Along the way the girls will get a crash course in how the other half live – they’ll learn how to pluck chickens, how to wrestle pigs, how to shear sheep and maybe even learn a little about themselves.

Each week one malfunctioning milkmaid will be sent packing – back to their old city life until just one remains – the girl who will win Alexy’s heart and jet off with him to the Caribbean for a two week luxury holiday.

Friday, February 8th at 9pm