Discovery Atlas

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Sunday 9 November, 7.30pm

Discovery Communications releases the next chapter of DISCOVERY ATLAS, a global media event that transports viewers to 30 countries around the world using captivating photography, high quality production values and high-definition technology to capture the world like never before. Rich in scholarship and majestic in visual beauty, DISCOVERY ATLAS is a global initiative by Discovery Communications that helps viewers explore their world and satisfy their natural curiosity. This extraordinary narrative focuses on the rich cultures, geography and natural phenomena of some of the world’s oldest and most diverse countries. In 2008 the journey begins in France, a country where life itself is an art form and food, drink, history and tradition are taken seriously. Next destination is Japan where we meet an apprentice geisha, tuna fisherman, tattoo artist and robot designers, who reveal the Japanese to be masters of the future and guardians of the past.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Saturday 9 August, 7.30pm

For the first time in its 5,000 year history, the oldest, most populous nation on earth has opened its doors to the rest of the world. Explore life in one of the greatest nations.

NZTV Premiere: Discovery Atlas – India Revealed

Discovery Channel – Sunday 18 November, 7.30pm

By following the lives of eight people across India, viewers learn about the hopes and dreams of the people and the heart of the country. India is a nation of immensely diverse history, the home of at least three of the world’s great religions and a whole sequence of empires and states, each with their own spectacular architectural and cultural legacies. And in consequence, this can seem a nation of chaos and almost overwhelming contrasts, most dramatically between the rich and poor. India is a country that seems happy to accept and integrate the lowliest beggar into a society that also includes the most affluent prince. But it also appears to be a country of great tolerance, where, in the main, each individual is allowed to pursue his faith and ambitions as he or she sees fit. DISCOVERY ATLAS: India Revealed will strive to capture all those shifts and changes, tensions and conflicts, setting them against a backdrop of perhaps the most diverse, visually spectacular and seemingly chaotic culture and landscape of any nation on earth.

NZTV Premiere: Discovery Atlas – South Africa Revealed

Discovery Channel – Sunday 11 November, 7.30pm

South Africa has recently gone through one of the most extraordinary transformations of any nation on earth, forging peace and democracy out of a state of sectarian civil war, where a white majority ruthlessly repressed a black majority. Perhaps most surprisingly, this transformation was achieved with a minimum of violence. The 1994 elections that led to Nelson Mandela assuming presidency of the country were marked by a minimum of conflict and almost universal rejoicing around the world. But the traumas and divisions of the past are not so simply left behind. South Africa is a nation of immense wealth and power – the only first – world state in the African continent. The country is also battling one of the highest AIDS infection rates in the world and many now wonder if the sense of optimism of 1994 was misplaced. No South African would pretend that their country does not face immense challenges, but all are unified in their immense love of the land and their nation. DISCOVERY ATLAS: South Africa Revealed aims to capture the disparate aspects of this vast and complex nation, from the quest for peace and reconciliation after a violent and repressive past to the search for wealth and prosperity in the modern world, the desire for a just and equal society and also to preserve the country’s astonishing natural resources.