Discovery Kids

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Saturdays & Sundays, 7.30am

Discovery Kids is a new one hour weekend programming block on Discovery Channel which will primarily target younger viewers aged 5-14 years and their parents. The block takes Discovery Channel’s current tagline ‘The World is Just Awesome’ to younger viewers, providing a unique line up of programming that educates, inspires and promotes curiosity in kids about the ‘awesome’ world around them. In the first two months Discovery Kids focuses on Dinosaur themed viewing, a subject that always inspires kids to explore, discover and learn. Programs include:

The Dinosaur Feather Mystery

The Mystery Dinosaur

Utahs Dino Graveyard

Rise Of The Feathered Dragon

Valley Of The T-Rex

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April 7.30am

For twenty thousand years, a woolly mammoth lay trapped in an icy tomb in Arctic Siberia.  In 1999 a French explorer raised the 23-ton block of rock-hard permafrost and airlifted it to an ice cave in Khatanga. Journey to Siberia with an international team of experts to search for clues to the life and death of the arkov mammoth.

Sunday 19th April 7.30am

While exploring the Montana badlands a team of amateur fossil hunters led Nate Murphy uncover the world’s most complete dinosaur mummy. Employing state-of the-art imaging scientists are able to unlock the most detailed images of dinosaur anatomy ever seen.

Saturday 18th April 7.30am

The Four-Winged Dinosaur investigates the riddle, assembling a team of top palaeontologists, aeronautical engineers, and paleo-artists to reconstruct Microraptor and test it in a wind tunnel at MIT.

Sunday 12th April 7.30am

Humans are fascinated by the magnificent predators from the past because they are dead and gone.  Humans can afford to be fascinated because they can safely get close to their fossilized bones, look at them and fantasize about them. Why were these animals so huge and why did they become extinct.

Saturday 11th April 7.30am

We’re going in search of the dragon and answering some of the most important questions about how dinosaurs dominated the world. We’ll include a great range of dinosaur stories, cutting edge science, extraordinary locations and intrepid scientists. In addition to its unique dino-birds, China boasts the greatest number of dinosaur eggs and embryos in the world; for centuries the locals built their huts from them.

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April 7.30am

Follow dinosaur evolution. State of the art computer animation, live-action backgrounds and the latest scientific finds show how dinosaurs lived and died in our backyards. Go inside dinosaurs to see the latest known about their anatomy and physiology