One of the most talked about documentaries at the moment. Scientology is always good for a bit of real life soap opera:

the-man-with-the-132-lb-scrotumJust when you thought they’d run out of those “My [insert body part] isn’t normal” documentaries that enable us normal folk the chance to gawk at their grotesque misfortune while we giggle away in the privacy of our homes, along comes this new documentary from TLC in the US: The Man with the 132 Lb Scrotum

That’s about 60kg for those of you who were wondering.

On Monday, August 19 at 9 PM ET/PT, TLC will document the extraordinary story of Wesley Warren Jr., a 49-year-old Las Vegas resident who is living with a rare medical condition called scrotal lymphedema. The one-hour special, THE MAN WITH THE 132 LB SCROTUM, will follow Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom. Continue reading »

TV3 are airing a documentary tonight, with funding from the NZ On Air platinum fund, that gives a rare insight into the life of former prime minister Helen Clark.  It’s screening after TV3’s wallowing current affairs show 3rd Degree.

This seems strange to me.  I would have thought that it would have provided a strong Wednesday line up to run the news, Campbell Live, this doco and then 3rd Degree but instead there is that home rennovation show.  Perhaps the bump to 9:30 suggests that the content may offend and is suitable for a mature audience.

“For Helen Clark, politics was everything. She ate, slept and drank it.”

The words of John Key, seemingly in admiration of his former political foe, open a documentary premiering on TV3 tonight. Continue reading »

JamesNesbittBritish actor James Nesbitt will act as a tour guide for UK viewers in a new documentary exploring New Zealand.

The Hobbit actor will feature in a 60-minute documentary for UK’s ITV that will show-off his adopted homeland of New Zealand.

Nesbitt has spent extended periods of time in the country during filming of The Hobbit, in which he plays the dwarf Bofur.

Here’s the press release from ITV:

James Nesbitt will guide ITV viewers around his adopted homeland of New Zealand for a brand new factual documentary. Continue reading »

Beyonce-hboKiwis will get the opportunity to watch the much-hyped Beyonce documentary from HBO in cinemas.

BBC worldwide announced today that the documentary, which aired on HBO to 1.8 million viewers, will premiere at cinemas across New Zealand and Australia.

The documentary will premiere on Wednesday 8th May for one night only on 73 screens across Australia and New Zealand. The screenings will take place at Hoyts and Event Cinemas New Zealand. Continue reading »

maori-tv-logo-300pxMaori Television has lined up a range of award-winning films and documentaries from around the world for its new season.

Maori Television is excited to present its new season of films and documentaries from New Zealand and around the world. Starting in April, the top line-up of new and award-winning works will be broadcast every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday Festival Documentaries premiere on April 9 at 8.30pm with The Cove, the Academy Award winner for Best Documentary in 2009, which follows a team of activists, filmmakers and free-divers as they embark on a mission to penetrate Japan’s dolphin hunting culture. Continue reading »

nz-on-air-640A new fund has been announced by NZ On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission that will focus on feature-length documentaries for TV, cinema and online.

NZ On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission are announcing a new documentary fund for feature-length documentaries.

It is expected that this new collaboration between the two organisations will invest in at least five quality documentary projects to screen in cinemas, on television and online.

It will focus on funding one-off documentaries from experienced New Zealand documentary filmmakers. There are no restrictions on treatment or style. Continue reading »

ARTS CHANNEL – Friday 25 January, 9.20pm

She was beautiful, smart, and searching. He was an emerging genius in the world of photography. When they met, they fell instantly in love. Setting off across the West with camera and typewriter in the depths of the Great Depression, Charis Wilson and Edward Weston transformed photography, and each other. Now age 90, Charis Wilson recounts her years with Weston with great humour, candour, and some regret. Combining insight from leading scholars, rare archival images, and convincingly authentic re-enactments, Eloquent Nude presents a remarkable true story of love and loss, travel and adventure, and an intimate look at the making of Modern photography.

ARTS CHANNEL – Friday 25 January, 6.55pm

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These concepts were important enough for the Declaration of Independence but what exactly does the pursuit of happiness really mean? Filmmaker Andrew Shapter set about answering that question through a coast-to-coast journey resulting in the critically acclaimed documentarian’s latest film, Happiness Is. Happiness. Like art or love, it’s hard to define but we know it when we see it. This documentary is eye opening.

ARTS CHANNEL – Thursday 24 January, 9.25pm

Jo Whiley talks to Scottish musician and philanthropist Annie Lennox about the humanitarian causes close to her heart. The Eurythmics singer/song-writer is an acclaimed musician – having won 8 Brit Awards, 4 Grammys and selling in excess of 80 million records worldwide – but she is also a political and social activist that has strived to raise money and awareness for HIV charities in Africa. In response to her activist work, in 2011 she received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for her “tireless charity campaigns and championing of humanitarian causes”.