Tuesday 6 February, 2007, 8.00 PM

Maori Television presents the premiere of a documentary by veteran filmmaker Don Selwyn that looks at issues surrounding the Waitangi Tribunal claim and settlement by Bay of Plenty iwi, Te Arawa.

Tuesday 6 February 2007, 6.00 PM

A half-hour documentary looking at Mother England in the 1840s from an indigenous viewpoint. Presented by Maori lawyer Titus Rahiri, interviewees include Dr John Darwin, a historian of European Imperialism, and Glenn Goldsmith (Ngati Porou), a Princeton University undergraduate and Oxford University Rhodes Scholar.

Leonard Nimoy (“Spock”) will host History Channel’s upcoming documentary entitled Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier. The special will cover the 40-year history of the show and airs in February in the US. No word yet on when it will screen on Sky’s History Channel yet.

Sunday 28 January, 7.30pm

Warren Jeffs is the self-proclaimed prophet and president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). He is reported to have 80 wives and over 250 children and is now up on civil charges for the molestation of his nephew.

In May 2006, he was placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution; and in August 2006, he was apprehended in Nevada during a routine traffic stop. He was immediately charged with evading police custody and several counts of “Accomplice to Rape” for arranging underage “marriages”.
This British documentary goes in search of Jeffs’ strange and freakish world. It travels to his home town, Short Creek in Colorado City, the only place in America that is populated entirely by a cult: a notoriously secretive sect where 12,000 polygamists live. Under Jeffs’ reign, television, newspapers and magazines are banned, and music is prohibited, as is the colour red, all competitive sports&and black people.

Wednesday February 21 at 8.30 PM

Growing up on the ‘mean streets’ of Otara in Auckland doesn’t mean you can’t be a success, as the four inspirational people highlighted in this inspiring and award-winning documentary prove.

Tuesday February 20 at 8.30 PM

A Turkish woman confronts her father who ordered her 13-year-old brother to carry out the honour killing of her boyfriend 18 years earlier. She can’t forget, but can she ever forgive?

Take one old naval ship, clean well, add a whole lot of explosives and mix VERY carefully. What do you get? A big bang, an artificial reef and an underwater adventure that draws scuba diving tourists from all over the world.

Canadians are world leaders in the technology need to create artificial reefs and are turning it into big business. Meticulously cleaned of pollutants, these submerged structures provide not only an underwater amusement park for divers, but also a habitat and breeding sites for countless marine species.

NZ Premiere: Saturday February 10, 8.30pm, Documentary Channel


The Bunny Years

The 5,000 women who have at one time or another worn the satin ears of the Playboy Bunny have gone on to be billionaires, attorneys, scientists. Based on the book by Kathryn Leigh Scott who “retired her satin ears” in 1966, this special profiles some of these characters with backstage adventures and intimate confessions of women who were pioneers in the sexual revolution.

Post-bunny careers include a woman who is owner of a multi-million dollar New York advertising agency, a distinguished scientist, an architect, an opera singer, an attorney, a book publisher, a stock broker, an executive producer of network sitcoms, a race horse breeder, a real estate tycoon, an award-winning hat designer, a nurse, several schoolteachers — and a midwife who was both a beauty queen and a nun before becoming a Bunny.

The documentary shows that, in its own peculiar way, the Playboy Club in the mid-60s served as a magnet and crucible for women independently driven to achieve remarkable levels of success later in life.

This fast-paced and upbeat film, with its insider’s perspective, goes beyond the mystique and legend of this symbol of a bygone era and shows these women as they are today.

“An insightful film” Guardian, “Revealing”, Sunday Mail


The story of the notorious trial that sent Nelson Mandela and six other anti-apartheid activists to prison is revealed for the first time.

Tuesday January 30 at 8.30 PM on Maori Television

Forensic experts examine ancient remains to discover if Rameses II is the father of Moses.

Monday January 29 at 8.30 PM on Maori Television