Actors take modern advertising as well as traditional entertainment to remote villages in Papua New Guinea.

Friday January 26 at 10.00 PM on Maori Television

The Deep: Explore the hidden depths of the sea in a three-part series which includes submarines, bizarre creatures and untapped riches.

Friday January 26, February 2 and 9 at 8.30PM on Maori television

Wednesday February 14 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, a group of teenage Maori boys left the rural town of Wairoa to start new lives in the predominately white city of Christchurch. Now in their fifties, these men talk about how they learned good trades but felt like outsiders back home, and lost their ability to speak reo Maori.

Tuesday February 13 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

Almost everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer. Historically, it’s been a deadly disease but this documentary shines new light on medical developments for breast cancer patients and meets courageous women whose lives depend on these advancements.

Monday February 12 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

Through the experiences of one bereaved family, this documentary details the tragic legacy of the ultra-orthodox Satmar community’s drive to bring Jewish people living in Yemen to the USA, as part of its propaganda drive against immigration to Israel.

Friday February 9 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

The ocean depths are up for commercial exploitation and new robots are being developed to speed up this modern-day gold rush, as revealed in this fascinating documentary on the world’s last unexplored wilderness.

Wednesday January 7 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

When the 28th Maori Battalion held their national reunion last year, it was a chance for the last few veterans to reunite with the men they fought beside, and remember those who had died. This documentary tells their personal stories and captures the emotions of a very special event.

Monday February 5 at 8.30 PM on Maori TV

Three ex-prisoners make an emotional return to Robben Island, the apartheid regime’s most brutal high-security prison, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. Living and working on the island as free men, they reflect in this documentary about the years spent fighting for survival and explain why they had to return.

MTV and MTV2 have teamed up with Nike to air 1 Night Only for a documentary special celebrating 25 years of one of the most celebrated and iconic sneakers of all time the Nike Air Force 1. The half-hour special premieres commercial free on MTV, January 13th at 11PM and on January 14th on MTV2 at 2 PM and pays tribute to the heritage of the Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) as a staple of hip-hop culture and its long lasting impact on sports, music and fashion. Viewers will also be able to access additional content, including exclusive additional performances from this exclusive event


1 Night Only features a world exclusive performance from artists KRS-One, Rakim, Nas, and Kanye West together on stage for the first time in New York City at Nikes 25-year anniversary celebration for the AF1 on December 10, 2006. The four artists have been working with renowned producer Rick Rubin to create an original track about overcoming adversity reflecting the struggles hip hop music and the AF1 faced before becoming mainstays in todays culture. Their performance during 1 Night Only was inspired by studio sessions with Rubin.

The single Better Than Ive Ever Been is scheduled for release in February on iTunes.

NIKE Air Force 1 Info

Twenty-five years ago Nike released the Air Force 1 to satisfy the demands of the most uncompromising and forceful players in the game of basketball. In 1982, the Air Force 1 became the first basketball shoe to feature Nike Air technology. The comfort and protective qualities of the Air Force 1 changed the game forever and created a platform that launched Nikes long-running legacy in performance basketball. During the past 25 years the AF1 evolved from a performance breakthrough on the court to an icon of the street.

Thursday 18 January, 9.25pm

The four-part documentary series ‘School Of Home Truths’ takes 13 genuine home buyers and sellers back to school to learn how to succeed at the property game.

A mixture of first time investors to seasoned real-estate entrepreneurs, the “students” embark on a journey to discover the tricks-of-the-trade, knowledge and skills required to succeed in real estate.

Victoria University psychology expert Dr Marc Wilson brings psychology into the real estate equation, investigating how personalities shape real-estate decisions – from looking at an open home to negotiating the best deal. Joining Wilson to deliver advice are Neil Jenman, a well-known Australian real estate critic, and finance expert Martin Hawes.