NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 15 June, 9.30pm

Untamed terrain and dangerous beauty draw people to Alaska from all walks of life, but it takes highly skilled bush pilots to fly people in and out of its remote wilds: pilots like Don, who teaches advanced manoeuvres to other experienced pilots, and Drake, who has to make a dangerous glacier landing when unexpected weather strands skiers on the frozen peaks.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 15 June, 8.30pm

As the Niagara Falls project nears an end, the rock men face one last challenge: installing and grouting six instrumentation bolts at the Maid of the Mist.

ARTS CHANNEL – Thursday 14 June, 10.00pm

As a tribute to the new millennium, Dale Chihuly leads an international team in mounting large-scale installations in Jerusalem’s ancient Tower of David. The amazing success of the exhibition prompts Chihuly to return with sixty-four tons of Alaska ice to create the symbolic Jerusalem Wall of Ice.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 14 June, 8.30pm

A medical marijuana entrepreneur and dispensary owner and his brother work through obstacles at the grow room, only to learn that they may lose their dispensary due to a proposed town ban. Fellow husband and wife dispensary owners prepare for the possible loss of their business the best way they know how: building up the wife’s portfolio to re-launch her modeling career. Meanwhile, a medical marijuana patient hits the streets to campaign for the only drug he’s found that helps his neurologic condition.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 14 June, 7.30pm

It’s mankind’s oldest intoxicant, but alcohol is also the drug that kills more people than any other. From Labor Day weekend parties in Arizona to binge-drinking resorts in Spain, alcohol shapes the lives of those who drink it in ways both heart-breaking and deadly.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 13 June, 8.30pm

On D-Day, the Allies established their beachheads, but they failed to reach any of their key objectives. The beaches weren’t linked up and Caen remained in German hands. For the next two months, the two armies would face each other in the fields and villages of Normandy, fighting a battle of attrition.

ARTS CHANNEL – Tuesday 12 June, 9.30pm

Headland: Where Nature Meets Sculpture is a Documentary about Waiheke Island’s Sculpture on the Gulf. The film is produced and directed by Stephanie Bennett who also produced and directed the highly acclaimed Ringa Whao: Chris Bailey. Sculpture on the Gulf was first established in 2003 by the Waiheke Community Art Gallery when they mounted the first 3D exhibition on Waiheke Island’s coastal walkway. The film tells the story of how it all began while also showing the challenges faced by the artists selected for the 2011 exhibition. Most of all Headland presents the beauty of art set against the beauty of nature. The curators talk about the process of choosing the works from 160 submissions and their selections for the prizes. While the sculptors talk about their works and how they love exhibiting at Sculpture on the Gulf which is now an important event in the art world and the public’s calendar.

ARTS CHANNEL – Tuesday 12 June, 8.30pm

Brian Clarke is one of Britain’s hidden treasures. A painter of striking large canvases, stunning murals and mosaics and also the designer of some of the most exciting stained glass in the world today. In fact he is known as the ‘rock star’ of stained glass. Brian Clarke speaks with extraordinary fluency and intelligence about his work, not least about the power of light streaming through coloured glass, even if the setting is secular. His commissioned works are to be found throughout the world. They are large, and they are very colourful indeed.

HISTORY CHANNEL – Monday 11 June, 8.30pm

Thanks to painstaking research this film brings dramatic new evidence about King Herod – one of biblical history’s greatest villains – to life. It reveals that in his final years Herod was not a brutal murderer but a man who was medically unstable. We uncover evidence that questions whether the “Massacre of the Innocents” really happened, and unearth medical analysis that could finally solve the mystery of his strange, agonising death. Stunning CGI recreates the great temples he built, changing the landscape of the Holy Land.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 11 June, 8.30pm

From the use of maggots as an aid in determining time of death, to insect identification as a way of placing suspects at a crime scene, forensic entomology is a science that has solved murders around the globe.