Dodge Fight Night

Dodge Fight Night
Wednesday 27 June, 10.30pm

It is round two of the ‘Dodge Fight Night’ professional boxing, coming LIVE from Australia’s Gold Coast (tonight at 10.30pm on TV ONE). The card features former Kiwi and Warriors captain Monty Betham and World Champion Anthony “The Man” Mundine defending his title.

ONE Sport presenter Geoff Bryan commentated at the first ‘Dodge Fight Night’ held at Auckland’s Sky Citycasino, and screened LIVE on TV ONE. He says Monty Betham’s fight against Aaron Bartlett didn’t give Betham a chance to answer any of the questions about how far he might go with boxing. “He certainly looked the part and he can only fight who is put in the ring against him.”
Bryan believes Betham has a great deal going for him: ‘He is learning the trade and he is sensible enough to know that he has to walk before he can run. He is well-supported, with his Dad – Monty Betham Snr – in his corner, and David Tua was there to lend support for Betham’s third pro fight.

He says, “Boxing is a lonely sport but what came through at Sky City was that there was plenty of support for Betham’s switch from rugby league to boxing. I’m looking to forward to his fourth fight and seeing what progress he can make.”

Betham says, “It’s early days yet, I’ve had a few fights and I’m still very excited about the sport. I’m very passionate, devoted and dedicated.”

He says he gave up rugby league to box. “I’m serious about boxing and whatever I do, I’ve got to do 100 per cent – I’ve got to be fully devoted to it, with a lot of passion behind it. I don’t want to do it three or four years down the track and think I didn’t do justice to myself as a boxer. ”

Both rugby league and boxing are very demanding sports, physically and mentally, but it’s a different kind of fitness, Betham says.

“League is very hard but boxing is even harder. “It’s a lonely sport but you depend on yourself. If you have a bad day in the ring, you haven’t got 12 other guys who can carry you through, that is something I do like about the sport – only you can let yourself down.”

“In boxing it’s a lot more physically demanding. You do fatigue but you don’t get that burning sensation in the throat like you do in rugby league. The best way I can describe it is that a rugby league player wouldn’t last too long in the ring, and vice versa, a boxer wouldn’t last too long on the rugby league field. I have big admiration for both sports, they are both very tough.”

Betham says it is great having his dad in his corner and that he respects his trainer and dad so much – he really wants to do the best by them. “To be the best at a sport you’ve got to measure yourself in some way, and in boxing, that is by winning accolades or titles, or by fighting the best in the world.”

It would be great if he could emulate some of his dad’s success, he adds.

Betham, who was nervous to be fighting in-front of a home crowd for the first time at Sky City, knocked out his opponent in round one. He says he wanted to be in the ring for a bit longer and put on a good show for his country but it was a win, “and I’ll take that”.

With three knockout victories to his boxing career, Betham will be looking for another knockout at the second ‘Dodge Fight Night’ in Queensland, on June 27.