Dog the Bounty Hunter


Duane “Dog” Chapman first gained fame with the arrest of a fugitive heir in a cosmetics fortune. Now, he and criminal-tracking family and friends claim to have captured over 6500 bail bumpers and criminals.
Tonight Dog’s feeling lucky, so he’s going to try to capture two women in one day. The first, Moani, has “crazy” tattooed on her neck and is facing drug charges. Dog and the team will have to chase her down at the beach if they’re going to bring her in. The second fugitive, Jade, also turns out to be a tough catch. Despite help from Jade’s sister, Dog has problems snaring her.
DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, Tuesday 2nd October at 10:30pm

Duane “Dog” Chapman is facing a lawsuit from a woman who claims that she was thrown down a set of stairs during an incident that was filmed for his show. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Audrey Emery and alleges that a member of the bounty hunter’s team assaulted her while her boyfriend was being apprehended.

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Screens on Thursday 11 January: 9.30pm on Prime

Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth, aided by their family coworkers, will always get their guy.

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Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of ‘Da Kine Bail Bonds’ – headed by brawny bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman and his partner and wife Beth – whose raw and rigorous penchant for getting their guy is only eclipsed by their Honeymooners-style personal antics.

Aided by their team of family coworkers who will follow Dog to the end of the earth, the Chapman’s always get their guy.

Thursday 11 January at 9.30pm on Prime.