DISNEY CHANNEL– Sundays from 4 January, 7am

The year is 2347 and somewhere between packing up and moving the entire population of Old Earth to New Earth, all the dogs went missing.   Aboard the Dogstar, piloted by two Robots called Zeke (voiced by Matt Tilley) and Alice (voiced by Marg Downey) is every canine family pet that ever was.  Every lovable terrier, every pampered lapdog, every boisterous hound, every loyal companion and Hobart.  The Clark family loves Hobart.  He’s a trusted, loyal buddy – a valued member of the family in every sense.  The Clark kids aren’t going to take the situation lying down.  Even though everyone tells them it can’t be done, the Clark kids set out to find the Dogstar! 

Borrowing Dad’s spaceship, the trusty Valiant, the kids embark on a journey that will take them to the farthest reaches of the universe – and beyond.  And beyond that too!  They’ll meet strange alien races, unusual phenomena, puzzling conundrums, perplexing paradoxes and startling challenges.  And that’s before they even go outside.   The Clark kids are on a quest to find their missing dog Hobart and they won’t rest until they find him and every other dog from Old Earth.  New Earth is a miserable place without dogs.  Everyone knows it.  A lot is riding on their journey.

But not everyone wants the Clark kids to succeed.  Bob Santino, an evil genius, has produced the Robog – a robotic replacement dog that he’s sold very successfully to those people on New Earth who are pining for the real thing.  And that’s everyone!  Robogs are functional but soulless – and it’s a drag picking up batteries from public parks.  So Santino has a vested interest in stopping the Clark kids.  If they find the Dogstar, he’ll suddenly be out of business.  He’s extremely rich, extremely powerful and owns the fastest spaceship in the known universe – the BobCat.  Surely it’s only a matter of time before he finds the Clark kids – or better yet, the Dogstar.  And if he were to find it first …

Narrated by Shaun Millacef, “Dogstar” will air on Sundays at 7.00am with a second episode straight after at 7.30am.

Disney Channel – Sundays from 21 September, 6pm

This September, Disney Channel takes you to another world with the subscription televison premiere of Australian animated, series “Dogstar” – featuring the voices of Shaun Micallef and Beverley Dunn.
In the year 2347, when Earth is pronounced uninhabitable, the Clarks load their family dog Hobart onto an intergalactic ark called the Dogstar to be transported to New Earth. Unfortunately, the Dogstar never arrives. All the dogs from old Earth – and two confused robot pilots, Zeke, voiced by Matt Tilley and Alice, voiced by Marg Downey – are lost. But the Clark kids (and Gran) are determined to find the Dogstar and bring those dogs home. Unfortunately Robotics entrepreneur Bob Santino, voiced by Henry Maas, is just as determined to stop them.