NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 2 January, 7.30pm

DogTown’s Dog Care Manager, Michelle Besmehn, takes on Vivian, a Hurricane Katrina rescue appears to show signs similar to post-traumatic stress in humans. Tooy, an elderly lab rescued from a hoarder, has an open and infected tumour hanging from his abdomen. Veterinarian Dr. Mike Dix must remove the tumour before the infection spreads, so the dog can hopefully one day be adopted into a loving home. Caregiver Betsy Kidder fosters Tashi, a young Rottweiler who can barely walk. Tashi has torn cruciate ligaments in both of her hind legs – a painful condition that will require two complicated surgeries and months of round-the-clock care.



New Life

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 26 December, 7.30pm

DogTown veterinarian Dr. Mike Dix faces a challenging situation as he helps disabled dog Wycheck lose weight to avoid undergoing a risky hip-surgery. Trainer Ann Allums works with an out-of-control dog named Karina, hoping to transform her into a perfect pet, while expert animal behaviourist Sherry Woodard tries to teach the stressed-out Weimaraner, Knightly, to relax in a home environment so the senior dog might be able to live the rest of his life anxiety-free.

New Zealand Premiere!

Friday 19 December, 7.30pm on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

DogTown faces a formidable challenge when it attempts to rehabilitate 22 pit-bulls confiscated from property owned by suspended NFL star quarterback Michael Vick. With a presumed history of dog-fighting and abuse, Denzel, Cherry, Meryl and Georgia are put to the test, as trainers do all they can to prepare the dogs for the hope of future life within a home. Suffering a host of ailments from their tortured past, ranging from serious dog-aggression issues to a deadly blood-parasite commonly transmitted among fighting dogs, DogTown’s task will be anything but simple.

National Geographic – Friday 18 July, 9.30pm

A year-old bulldog named Wiggles arrives at DogTown from a Californian shelter with unusual symptoms; he falls frequently and can’t control his bowels. Head Veterinarian Mike Dix must determine if Wiggles’ condition is life threatening, or if he’s stable enough to live in a home. Trainer Pat Whitacre faces a different kind of challenge: to transform cocker spaniel-mix Jolene from a painfully shy, fearful dog into a happy, friendly one. Step by step, Pat attempts to socialise Jolene so she has a chance at adoption. Zoey, a rotweiller/hound mix, suffers from crippling allergies to the environment and to humans. Her family in New York State has tried everything, but no allergy medication works. At DogTown, Dr Dix works on a new plan of attack. As a caregiver at DogTown, Thomas Foyles feels a connection with the most aggressive dogs like Bones, a vizsla street dog who was rescued and brought to DogTown eleven years ago. When he arrived, Bones was known for attacking other dogs, but in the last few years he has mellowed. Now, Thomas believes Bones could live in a home for his last few years. So Bones will undergo an official assessment, to see if his violent tendencies are truly gone.


Crisis Dog

National Geographic – Friday 11 July, 7.30pm

A puppy mill – a facility that mass breeds dogs – is raided by Nebraska state authorities. Over a hundred dogs are found in terrible conditions. DogTown arranges an emergency flight for trainer Sherry Woodard to bring back some of the most traumatised dogs. Among them is a terrier mix she names Animal, who’s been driven to the brink of madness. Meanwhile DogTown’s Head Veterinarian Dr Mike Dix faces a baffling medical mystery: a gentle male dog named Porto suffers from an undiagnosed illness. If Porto’s ever going to find a future home, his condition has to be diagnosed and treated. And two sibling hounds Remington and Ruger have been rescued from a polygamist sect where unwanted dogs are routinely shot. They’re safe in DogTown, but to have any hope of adoption, they have to be split up. Trainer John Garcia has the difficult job of separating two dogs that have only ever lived together.

National Geographic – Friday 4 July, 9.30pm

An older chow named Bruno heads to DogTown for much-needed medical attention. His extensive ailments include a sunken eye and balance problems, symptoms of a possible brain tumour. Veterinarian Mike Dix and his staff do all they can for him, but is it too late for Bruno? Meanwhile, DogTown heads out on a rescue mission to a local Indian Reservation. As the midday sun beats down on them, DogTown Manager Michelle Besmehn and other staff members search a garbage dump hoping to save any abandoned dogs. Hiding amongst the trash, Michelle finds two scared puppies on the brink of dehydration. Back at the sanctuary, Sherry Woodard fosters one-year-old Annie, a behaviourally challenged dog with a serious history of biting an infant. Annie’s next challenge brings her face-to-face with one of her biggest fears: a two-year-old child.