Domestic Blitz

Wednesday 21st January

In episode four of Domestic Blitz, we meet siblings, Bryson and Kellie. As a child, Bryon was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Through the ups and downs, one person has never left his side and that’s his sister, Kellie. 

Today, Kellie has a family of her own. However, she still finds the time to raise money and awareness of Cystic Fibrosis in the hope of one day finding the cure which may just save her brother’s life. 

In episode four, Kellie’s home is given a backyard makeover as well as a fantastic new kitchen, formal lounge and family/living room makeover.

Wednesday 17th December

Join Shelly Craft and Scott Cam as they renovate the house of Finola and James.

Three years ago Finola was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer, Mesothelioma. Since then she has had to endure chemotherapy and had her left lung and part of her diaphragm removed. Six months after her first lot of treatment, Finola’s doctors found further tumours and sessions of radiation therapy followed.

After such a difficult time, the Domestic Blitz team decided that Finola and her family were more than worthy recipients of their home and garden makeover magic.

This smash hit new series will take you on an emotional journey, rebuilding the homes and lives of some truly inspiring people. Each week, Shelley Craft and Scott Cam will deliver more surprises and life changing moments as they go knocking on the door of the residence of a brave Aussie hero, and combine a complete house and garden makeover, as well as a personal style overhaul.  

International style guru Richard Reid along with landscape designer Matt Leacy, interior designer Romy Alwill and Scott’s apprentice, Erik Naumann, will join the hosts as they take on the massive task of renovating an entire home — from the inside, out — in just 48 hours. 

Domestic Blitz brings well-earned joy to the lives of true Australian heroes and makes their dreams come true.