Don’t forget the Lyrics

6:00pm Sunday, July 31 on Prime


Boyz To Men

Tonight, for the very first time on Don’t Forget The Lyrics, the game will be played by one of the most successful R&B male vocal groups of all time! In a special celebrity edition, Boyz II Men will be stepping up to the mic to raise funds for the TJ Martell Foundation and the Lily Claire Foundation. They’ve had five number 1 hits, won six Grammies, and sold over 60 million records… but will they remember the lyrics to songs that aren’t their own?

6:30pm Sunday, July 17 on Prime


Rebecca Vigil & Constantine Maroulis

Host Wayne Brady can definitely sing a song or two, but the key to this show is remembering the lyrics and tonight he meets Rebecca Vigil, a Californian waitress who is ready to let her inner rock star shine. Will she be able to walk away with $1 million dollars? The American Idol finalist Constantine Maroulis takes to the microphone for charity.

6:30pm Sunday, July 10 on Prime


Alison & Jenny Horowitz

Tonight on Don’t Forget The Lyrics Alison and Jenny Horowitz are sisters that want to win! Jenny is a flight attendant who is moving to London. She leaves tomorrow and this will be the last time this duo will see each other for awhile. But before she takes off they want to party! Watch as these two rock out and play for $1 million dollars?

6:30pm Sunday, July 3 on Prime


Asia Craft

Tonight Asia Craft continues in the challenge to recall popular song lyrics in the contest where she could walk away with $1 million dollars! She loves country music but will she be a winner?

6:30pm Sunday, June 26 on Prime


Ed Schwartzman & Asia Craft

Join host Wayne Brady in a game show with a difference, where contestants are put to the test and try to remember song lyrics. Tonight Mortgage Broker Ed Schwartzman decides he is here to win some money and wants to put it in the bank! Next up to the microphone from Houston, Texas is Asia Craft. She loves country music but can we take home $1 million dollars?

6:30pm Sunday, June 19 on Prime


Tiffany Wilcoxson

Joining host Wayne Brady on the ‘Lyrics’ stage tonight is roller derby queen Tiffany Wilcoxson (known on the rink as sugar and spikes). All the way from Los Angeles, California, Tiffany wants to “start with something easy”, so takes a stab at Pop for her first category. Will she have what it takes to pass the first hurdle and go all the way to the $1,000,000 song?

6:30pm Sunday, June 12 on Prime


Melanie Heyl and Rick Barnes

Melanie Heyl, a school teacher from Las Vegas is ready to let her inner rock star shine on tonight’s episode of Don’t Forget The Music. Then Rick Barnes steps up to the microphone and is full of surprises. Will they take on the challenge of remembering song lyrics and go on for the chance to win $1 million dollars?

6:30pm Sunday, June 5 on Prime


Diana Drake

Tonight the Carpet Cleaner from California, Diana Drake, continues her Don’t Forget The Lyrics journey. She’ll have the audience on the edge of their seats and jumping to their feet as she tries to remember popular song lyrics for the chance to take home $1 million dollars! She came into the competition with her eyes firmly on the big prize, but will she go all the way? Don’t miss this unforgettable episode of Don’t Forget The Lyrics.

6:30pm Sunday, May 29 on Prime


Joseph McBratney & Diana Drake

On tonight’s episode of Don’t Forget The Lyrics a New York Private Eye and a California Carpet Cleaner each pick up the microphone, and by the end of the game one of them will run the board all the way to the $1,000,000 song. Not only are they two of the show’s strongest contestants ever, they’re also two of the most entertaining. But will either of them have what it takes to become a ‘Lyrics’ millionaire? First up to give it his best shot is Private Eye Joseph McBratney all the way from Staten Island, New York.

6:30pm Sunday, May 22 on Prime

Bret Michaels

Join Prime for another celebrity edition of Don’t Forget The Lyrics tonight, as we welcome rock god Bret Michaels. He’s responsible for some of the biggest hit songs ever and has recently found additional fame on MTV’s Rock Of Love Bus. But when he competes on tonight’s episode in a bid to win cash for his favourite charity will he share the same success, or crash and burn?