Dorothy The Dinosaur

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 11 September, 7pm

Dorothy hosts a surprise party for Captain Feathersword and invites Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Fairy Clare, Larissa, Lucia and baby Maria! You will be entertained by the Rosy Orchestra as Dorothy sings Swinging On A Swing, Dance A Cachuca and I Look In the Mirror! With 17 new songs, Dorothy the Dinosaur’s party is the best party she has ever had!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Mondays from 6 September, 9.50am & 4pm

Dorothy is joined by Wags, Henry, Captain Feathersword and the fairies, as they visit people and places where they have delightful and exciting experiences.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 5 October, 11.50am & 6pm

It’s a brand new chapter of singing and dancing with Dorothy the Dinosaur! Dorothy has so many wonderful friends in Rosy Town and for the first time ever, they share their musical memories with you! So turn the pages of Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Memory Book to engage, enchant and entertain

children around the world! Join Playhouse Disney from October 5 at 11.50am and 6pm daily, for brand new episodes!